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How to make DIY hand sanitizer WHO recipe

make DIY hand sanitizer

Is there an easy way to make DIY hand sanitizer? Disinfectants against the coronavirus are currently difficult to obtain. But the WHO has published a recipe: you can do it yourself.

  • In the current times of the corona virus , the disinfectant is often sold out in drugstores and supermarkets. 
  • The WHO (Geneva) has a recipe with which people can make the disinfectant  themselves. 
  • But does disinfection always make sense and what other tips are there? 

The number of new infections of the coronavirus is increasing every day.

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WHO recipe to make DIY hand sanitizer

Disinfectants , a way to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria, are sold out in supermarkets and drug stores. But the World Health Organization (WHO), based in Geneva, has a recipe for how to make DIY hand sanitizer yourself.

Supermarkets and drug stores have had panic hoarder purchases in the past few weeks, and shelves are empty nearly everywhere — with the product being strictly rationed in the rare places you can still buy it.

The human immune system normally protects us from viruses and bacteria. In the case of the corona virus, however, there is a problem: the virus is new. The body does not yet have a defense strategy against it. Of course, disinfectant helps for the time being  . 

But in most cases, thorough hand washing is also sufficient. This means that people should wash their hands thoroughly and thoroughly for about 30 seconds with running water and plenty of soap. 

Coronavirus: wash hands or disinfect with your own disinfectant?

Nevertheless, there are people who do not want to do without disinfectants. In addition, there are always situations in the train or public buildings in which disinfecting hands gives a calming feeling. So what to do when drugstores and supermarkets no longer offer anything? 

The WHO, based in Geneva, has published a recipe for disinfectants. It is actually intended for areas of the world where there is no running water and soap. But right now people in industrialized countries are also interested in it, and you can easily make DIY hand sanitizer by using this method. 

Make your own disinfectant: people have to take this into account

According to the WHO, the following ingredients are required for about one liter of disinfectant : 

  • 830 milliliters of ethanol (96 percent) or 750 milliliters of isopropyl alcohol (99.8 percent)
  • 42 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent)
  • 15 milliliters of glycerin (98 percent)
  • 110 milliliters of boiled water (for isopropyl alcohol about 193 milliliters of boiled water) 

For this you need a measuring cup , a large container to put the ingredients together and a suitable container (pharmacist bottles) to store the disinfectant. The ingredients must be put together and mixed well. A small plastic detergent bottle is suitable for everyday use on the go .

Disinfectant as protection against the corona virus gel or liquid

The glycerin protects the skin . Because ethanol and alcohol not only kill the corona virus, bacteria and other viruses. They also attack the skin. 

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