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How to live more sustainably: 10 easy ways

live more sustainably

Are there easy ways to live more sustainably? Yes, and our guide outlines 10 things you can start doing today.

Household, nutrition, cleaning, fashion, cosmetics: in every area of life you can pay attention to a conscious use of valuable resources. We ourselves have the choice of how sparingly we are with them. You wonder how you can make your everyday life a bit more sustainable? We’ve put together many great tips for you on how to make a big impact in small steps in the long run. Have fun reading!

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Live more sustainably: 10 tips and tricks

1. Use water sparingly

Water is our most valuable resource! Even in our advanced, modern world, many people do not have access to fresh water – hardly imaginable in our everyday lives. We, on the other hand, turn up the tap and get clean water directly from the pipe in our own four walls! Our prosperity should not be taken for granted: Here are a few tips on how to use water more sparingly in everyday life as a crucial way to live more sustainably:

  • During teeth brushing, or sudsing in the shower, it is essential to turn off the tap.
  • Use used water again! For example, use your cooking water for washing up or cleaning the floor, or give it to your plants.
  • You can also save water when rinsing: Charge your dishwasher as full as possible and switch it to Economy program. Dishwashers use much less water than rinsing by hand.

2. Alternatives for household plastic consumption

Food packaging, garbage bags, plastic bags in supermarkets: plastic meets us almost in all areas of life. There are now many great, environmentally friendly alternatives to the annoying plastic, such as beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap, garbage bags made of newsprint instead of plastic bags or glass instead of plastic bottles.

3. Tap water instead of mineral water

Fresh water from the pipe is healthy and saves you the extra walk to the supermarket, as well as the towing of the heavy water crates. Tap water should also contain many more minerals and less unhealthy residues than mineral water.

4. Dry laundry sparingly

It is best to dry your laundry on the clothesline or on the clothes rack as one of the important ways to live more sustainably. Because the dryer wastes unnecessarily a lot of electricity. Basically, don’t wash more often than is really necessary – sometimes it’s enough to hang the laundry on the fresh air! With mild spring temperatures, the laundry dries quite quickly anyway.

5. Showers instead of bathing

For a full bathtub, around 120 litres of water are required, whereas for a shower aisle “only” 70 litres are needed. Of course, you can treat yourself to a hot bath after a hard day’s work, but this should not become a habit. After all, showers save you almost half of your water consumption.

6. Replace paper coffee filters with permanent filterS

Easily replace the paper coffee filters with a permanent metal or cotton filter, which you can use for longer. This way you save yourself the unnecessary consumption and purchase of paper filters.

7. Living sustainably: saving electricity

Standby devices are real power eaters – just pull the plug on your devices, which don’t necessarily need to be powered permanently. Also make sure that lights that are not necessary are turned off when leaving the room. Candlelight also provides a cosy, festive atmosphere!

8. Conscious shopping for more sustainability

Very important: attention when shopping! In order to avoid having to throw away far too many valuable foods, it is helpful to plan your purchase well. How much do you really consume? Who eats everything and how long are the foods durable? Purchasing regional products also avoids long delivery routes! For shopping, it’s best to take eco-friendly jute carrier bags or vegetable nets that you can use over and over again. Even when shopping, conscious shopping can work wonders: buy only the parts you really need and will often wear.

9. Living sustainably: Up- and recycling

You don’t always have to dispose of old products right away. Often you can still conjure up great decorations for your home: How about flower pots made of old tetrapacks or cans, for example? Also mason jars can be nicely recycled as storage containers or tea light containers.

10. Sustainability in the bathroom

Swap your plastic toothbrush for an alternative made of wood or bamboo and use hair and body care from sustainable manufacturing instead of shampoos and toiletries with artificial additives. Unfortunately, these contain a large part of microplastics, which can quickly enter the groundwater through the shower aisle.

Living sustainably: Making cleaning products yourself

Glass cleaners, abrasive milk, toilet cleaners, lime removers, softeners, disinfectants, bath cleaners: Over time, many different cleaning agents accumulate in colourful bottles in our household. These are usually chemically aggressive and superfluous. Because you can definitely take a cleaning agent for several applications. We show you how to make cleaning products yourself! For this you mainly need vinegar, citric acid, soda and soda.

Cleaning with home remedies: vinegar and lemon for descaling

Everyone really has these ingredients at home: with vinegar and citric acid, for example, coffee machines can be decalcified or irons can be cleaned. As a disinfecting general purpose cleaner, this agent can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as for refrigerator or bathroom cleaning.