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How to make a magnetic knife bar

Every kitchen has knives at hand. A suitable magnetic strip is easy to build yourself. We’ll show you how to easily make a magnetic knife bar.

You still want to give your kitchen the final stamp? The easiest way to do this is with the useful accessories of daily use. We will show you how to attach a practical knife strip with magnetic suspension for your knife sets. A small mini-project that you can get off to a fast start.

This allows you to achieve both a small welcome visual change in your kitchen and at the same time have a useful solution to place your various knife formats sensibly and always within reach. And the wooden surface also spares the blades of the knives.

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What you need

  • Plastic magnetic bar (about $10)
  • Oak plank or other solid wood board
  • Top cutter, table or hand-held circular saw, drill, center grinder or sanding paper, assembly adhesive

Make a magnetic knife bar : Instructions

Step 1/7: Disassemble the magnetic strip

make a magnetic knife bar 1.jpg

The magnetic strip is disassembled directly after purchase. After all, you only need the magnetic rail and the mounting strip. The plastic parts can be removed.

Step 2/7: Draw bar

Look for a suitable piece of solid wood – here a piece of oak plank – and draw the magnetic strip.

Step 3/7: Milling out the bar

make a magnetic knife bar

With the top cutter, the shape of the groin is milled from the back of the plank: let the thickness of the plank stand in a thickness of approx. 1.5 mm.

Step 4/7: Saw the wooden strip

Then saw the wooden strip with the magnet to the appropriate length and width, here 32.5 x 3 x 2 cm.

Step 5/7: Bar and wall bracket

make a magnetic knife bar

The bar with recessed magnet is ready (back), the wall mount is mounted on a bar (front).

Step 6/7: Mount the wall bracket

Attach the wall bracket and then place the plank with the glued magnets.

Step 7/7: Sanding and oiling

make a magnetic knife bar

It is recommended to thoroughly sand and oil all wooden components before final attachment.