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How to treat inflamed gums naturally

treat inflamed gums naturally

What are the best ways to treat inflamed gums naturally? Our guide outlines inflammation causes and types — and what to do.

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Do you feel that your gums are inflamed or do you notice that your gums are bleeding when brushing your teeth? Then there is an urgent need for action and you should give your gums quick help and treat inflamed gums naturally. In the long term, bleeding gums are not only unpleasant, but also associated with pain and can cause damage. We will give you a variety of reasons, explain when a doctor should treat the gums and which home remedies you use to combat gum inflammation.

1. Causes and types of inflammation

Even before we dedicate ourselves to ways treat inflamed gums naturally that you can also use to treat gum pain, let’s explain the different types and causes of sensitive gums, bleeding gums or swollen gums. In total, the following diseases may exist:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Decline of gums
  • Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)
  • Gum bags
  • acute gum injuries
  • Aphten
  • Periodontitis

Depending on how advanced the symptoms are and how unpleasant the pain is, sufferers have to contend with significant restrictions on quality of life.Good to knowEven if home remedies can be very effective, for example, in case of acute gum injury or inflammation, you should definitely visit your dentist in case of persistent discomfort and have the causes clarified.

The causes of aching, inflamed or irritated gums are manifold. Unfortunately, lack of dental care and hygiene are the most common causes of discomfort. Bacteria accumulate in the mouth throughout the day, caused by food residues and drinks. These release toxins that ultimately trigger the discomfort.

If, on the other hand, you have caused a scratch with the fork, this mechanical action is of course the cause. Occasionally, hard components of food slip into the gum pockets, which the organism tries to get rid of by a swelling of the gums. Although these two cases are also unpleasant and painful in the short term, they usually do not result in consequential damage.

Other possible causes include a weakened immune system, smoking, diabetes or general stress. They therefore have many possibilities to relieve persistent discomfort of the gums through a healthy lifestyle and good oral hygiene.

Medications are also considered to be the cause of gum problems. Therefore, it is important to talk to the doctor about what medications you are taking so that this is integrated into the treatment.

2. Ways to treat inflamed gums naturally

In the case of bleeding gums, first clarify where the causes lie. There are a variety of effective home remediesthat can be used to cure sore gums and swelling. We want to introduce you to the best ones:

2.1. Relieve gum inflammation with chamomile

The chamomile is an effective means of alleviating acute gum discomfort. You can buy either chamomile in loose form or a finished chamomile tea in bags in the pharmacy or in the Reformhaus. The plant or tea or mouthwash with chamomile has both a calming and disinfecting effect. Rinse several times a day with a fresh infusion of chamomile tea. As an alternative, Salbeitee can also be used, which often tastes better for children in particular. If you have chosen one of the two teas, you can also place the wet tea bag directly on the affected area for about five minutes.

2.2. Salt and water are an effective home remedy

Especially in the case of sudden discomfort, you may not have the other remedies such as chamomile or sage in the house. Salt and water, on the other hand, are available day and night in virtually every household. To gurgle with saltwater, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. As an alternative to mouthwash, you can also gently massage dissolved salt directly with the toothbrush on the affected areas.

2.3. Gentle massages with a soft toothbrush

Even if irritated, sore gums hurt, experts recommend a gentle massage as a home remedy against gum ignition. Choose either a soft toothbrush or use your freshly washed fingers to gently massage the affected areas. This stimulates blood circulation, which in turn speeds up the removal of toxins and healing.

2.4. Healing the gums with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also an effective means of alleviating problems with the gums. Because the ingredients of apple cider vinegar have many useful effects. They have an antibacterial effect, inhibit inflammation and stimulate saliva flow. To treat, stir two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and gurgle with it in the morning and in the evening about half an hour before brushing the teeth.

2.5. Garlic and ginger help against gum inflammation

treat inflamed gums naturally

Home remedies for gum inflammation can serve as emergency aid before the doctor’s visit.

The ginger plant contains substances that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, which provides relief in the case of inflamed gums. Drink a cup of ginger several times a day and gurgle with it.

Garlic also fights infections of the gums. If you regularly struggle with gum problems, season your dishes more often with a good portion of fresh garlic.

2.6. Lavender and essential oils

Lavender is a much more pleasant fragrance than garlic. Three drops of lavender oil mixed with water can be used as tea for drinking or gurgling.

Also essential oils of peppermint, tea tree or cloves can provide relief in case of gum inflammation. Since the oils are usually highly concentrated, they should be dosed carefully. The best use is a mixture of up to three drops of oil mixed with a small glass of water, which is used several times a day. Do not swallow and rinse the mouth thoroughly afterwards.

3. Wide-ranging measures to relieve gum problems with pain

Aloe vera, honey, coconut oil and lemon also have ingredients that can heal sore and inflamed gums more quickly. 

As already mentioned, daily dental hygiene is an important factor in order not to cause gum inflammation in the first place. Therefore, we want to clarify the most important steps in a clear way:

Dental hygieneEffect
daily brushing of teethremoves food leftovers, toppings & bacteria
Care of the tooth spacesDental floss removes leftovers between teeth
Tongue brushingwith spatula or scraper residues are removed from the tongue
Implants / Clean ingessacts like brushing teeth outside the mouth
Mouthwashesremove pads, bacteria & residues deep in the throat

4. FAQ on ways treat inflamed gums naturally


For example, use chamomile, salt and water or apple cider vinegar for gum inflammation.

When should you urgently see a doctor?

You must always visit a dentist if you feel that the wound does not heal or the discomfort does not subside despite meticulous dental hygiene and home remedies. Daily bleeding gums and persistent inflammation are a warning signthat you should definitely consult a doctor.

What is the best prevention against gum inflammation?

A life change without alcohol and nicotine as much as possible without alcohol and nicotine as well as a healthy diet contribute an important part to healthy gums. Daily dental hygiene is also the best prevention against gum problems. Do not forget floss, because it is precisely in the gaps between the teeth that leftover food can settle and cause discomfort from there.