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How to make lemons last longer

make lemons last longer

What are the best ways to make lemons last longer? Lemons are very healthy, so they should not be missing in any kitchen. So that they do not spoil, we present our 4 tips on how to make them more durable and keep fresh longer.

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Best ways to make lemons last longer

Lemons are a fine thing, because with them food gets a fresh taste. Furthermore, the juice is highly sought after with colds. Hot tea with lemon has long been a hit in the fight against colds, coughs and co.

Lemons must always be processed or eaten promptly after purchase, because they do not last very long. Often they are soft after just a few days and start to get bad. So that you don’t have to throw them away after just a few days, here are a few tips on how to preserve lemons.

Tip 1 – Wrap untreated lemons in silk paper

As a result, the fruit lasts for up to a month and remain fresh and tasty.

Tip 2 – Store lemons in water

If you put them in a container of water, they last quite a long time. With this method, you only need to change the water every day. You should also store the fruits in a cool place. It is best to use a plastic container that you can close.

Tip 3 – Make lemon halves durable

Often you don’t need a whole lemon when cooking or baking. Most of them simply throw away the rest of the fruit or keep it incorrectly so that it quickly moulds. But how should you store a sliced lemon? Simple: Place it with the cut side in a little vinegar.

Tip 4 – preserve them

Although you only need a single lemon, you have to buy a whole net in many shops. The fruit that are not needed, then end up in a bowl, where they become mouldy over time. It doesn’t have to be. Simply preserve the remaining fruit. 

Step 1:

First, you need to wash the lemons thoroughly with hot water. Then set aside a few lemons, because with the juice of these lemons you have to fill the jar afterwards.

Step 2:

Now halve the lemons and quarter the halves. Then put the pieces in the mason jar. The lemon peel does not need to be removed.

Step 3:

Now add 100 grams of salt to the glass. Then squeeze some lemon juice until the pieces in the glass are completely covered with the liquid. Now just close the glass tightly, shake vigorously once and leave for a week at room temperature.

Step 4:

After a week, it is important that you open the glass and pour some oil on the lemon juice. Then place in the fridge. The pieces can now be refrigerated for about 4 to 5 months.