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How to cure foot fungus problems

cure foot fungus problems

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What is the best way to cure foot fungus problems? There are several home remedies you can use — and tips to prevent it happening again.

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How is foot fungus created?

Foot fungus is in most cases caused by thread fungi. These can nest and spread in the skin if the immune system is unable to kill them. Older people, athletes and diabetics are particularly affected.

What home remedies can be used to cure foot fungus problems?

Before you resort to antifungal ointments to cure foot fungus problems, you can try to get a grip on the fungal infestation with baking powder, vinegar, salt, honey or essential oils. However, if these home remedies do not have an effect after a few days, the walk to the doctor is inevitable.

How can one prevent foot fungal disease?

To prevent foot fungus, you should be careful to wear breathable shoes, keep your feet dry at all time and change towels regularly. You can also strengthen your immune system by eating a healthy diet, moving a lot and taking regular alternating showers.

Our feet are exposed to great stress in everyday life. Because we wear socks and shoes most of the day, they get very little air. If the sweat and moisture can no longer escape, foot fungus can be created.
In this article we would like to introduce you to the various home remedies for foot fungus. We give you tips and information on how to treat and prevent foot fungus effectively.

1. Foot fungal diseases are very common

Itching, redness and scaly skin on the feet – in this case, they may be affected by foot fungus. This is contagious and widespread in this country. About one in three Germans is affected by such a fungal infection at least once in their lives.

In most cases, thread fungi are responsible for the development of fungal disease. These damage the acid protective mantle of the skin and then nest. Normally, the skin barrier is so strong that the fungal spores are destroyed immediately.

However, the situation is different if the immune system is already weakened or the skin is damaged. In these cases, the fungus can penetrate and multiply unhindered. As a result, itching, redness and inflammation occur.

In most cases, the area between the toes, the soles of the feet and sometimes even the back of the foot is affected. Older people, athletes and diabetics are particularly at risk. Foot fungus not only looks ugly, but can also be very unpleasant. This is especially true when it is at an advanced stage.

Nail fungus is a special form of foot fungus. As this form is much more persistent and lengthy, stronger means must usually be used for treatment.

2. Cure foot fungus problems – this home remedy will help

Good to know: Scientists at the University of Freiburg have found in a study that an ointment with 6% coriander oil can significantly alleviate the discomfort. One advantage of the therapy is that the ointment is extremely tolerable.

Foot fungus can therefore be treated particularly well in the initial stage. Using home remedies against foot fungus is the most natural way. However, the effects of these natural remedies have not yet been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, it is worth trying some of these home remedies before resorting to antifungal remedies.

In the following we present the most popular and effective home remedies for foot fungus:

  • Baking powder: Mushrooms thrive best in a humid climate. If, for example, the feet are permanently wet or damp in summer, the conditions are optimal. To counteract this, baking powder or soda can help. Spread it on your feet several times a day.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar has a high acidity, which causes the microorganisms to be inhibited in their growth. For example, tapping apple cider vinegar on the affected areas or preparing a foot bath. For this approximately 250 millilitres of vinegar, add warm water to three litres. Bathe your feet in it for about 20 minutes. Repeat daily until the discomfort subsides.
  • Salt: A quick help against the annoying discomfort is salt. This has a blood circulation-promoting, anti-inflammatory and itchy. Stir five tablespoons of sodium chloride into a litre of warm water. Bathe the feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes and then let them dry in the air. For the treatment to be effective, you need to perform this foot bath daily.
  • Tea Tree Oil: You can also use essential oils to relieve symptoms and fight the fungus. Especially suitable are tea tree, lavender and manuka. Apply the desired oil diluted several times a day to the affected skin areas and let it in.
  • Honey: Honey is characterized primarily by an anti-inflammatory effect, which can also be used with regard to foot fungus. To do this, rub the affected areas regularly with honey.

Caution: Use essential oils in children only heavily diluted to avoid skin irritation.

3. In case of persistent discomfort, consult a doctor

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If the symptoms do not improve due to the home remedies, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Light forms of the foot fungus can usually be treated very well with simple home remedies, so no further treatment is necessary. As already mentioned, the use of home remedies against foot fungus is not always promising.

If the symptoms do not improve within a few days, you should definitely consult a doctor. This is especially true if the fungus has not appeared for the first time or large areas are affected.

In these cases, it is necessary to treat the fungus with special ointments and creams. These contain special active ingredients that inhibit or kill the growth of the fungi. They are called antifungals. The disadvantage of these agents are the possible side effects.

If the fungal infestation is already so advanced that corresponding ointments no longer work, the ingestion of tablets is inevitable. Only in this way is it possible to inhibit the growth of the fungi and to become free of complaints again. However, some of the tablets have very severe side effects, so you should be advised by your doctor.

4. Effective prevention of foot fungus problems

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Always wear swimming shoes in the swimming pool.

Anyone who suffers from foot fungus will find it difficult to get rid of it. It is therefore all the more important to protect one’s lives effectively from such an infestation. This is especially true if you know that you have a weakened immune system, which is difficult to defend against the spread of fungi.

Below we would like to give you some tips on how to successfully protect yourself from a fungal infestation:

  • Dry your feet well: After bathing or showering, you should always dry your feet well before putting on socks. Pay particular attention to the toe spaces. It is also a good way to blow off the soles of the feet for a short time.
  • Wear air-permeable footwear: To minimize moisture, you should prefer breathable and comfortable shoes. When buying socks, make sure that they are made of natural materials.
  • Change towels regularly: Mushrooms can form and multiply particularly well in damp hand and bath towels. For this reason, it is important to wash them at least 60°C after three use. In this way, fungi and bacteria can be killed.
  • Strengtheningthe immune system : Those who suffer from foot fungus usually also have to contend with a weak immune system. In order to strengthen the body’s defences, you should eat a healthy diet and move a lot. In addition, alternating showers can have a positive effect on the immune system.