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How to make nail polish from eyeshadow

make nail polish from eyeshadow

Is there a way to make nail polish from eyeshadow? Definitely is — and we show you how to do it and make use of those broken eyeshadows.

Who does not know it – not paying attention when putting on make-up and the eyeshadow has fallen off and crumbled into 1000 pieces? But don’t panic: you don’t have to throw the eye shadow away right away. You can make your own nail polish from it. It’s very simple and gives your nails an individual look. I’ll show you how to do it!

Create your individual nail polish

First of all, because of the color pigments that each eyeshadow contains, you can also use any eyeshadow for the homemade nail polish. You are also welcome to mix several colors to create a new color and to add glitter or other decorative elements. This is how you create a very individual look for your nails that no one else has. 

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Steps to make nail polish from eyeshadow

What you need!

Nail polish 1 810x540 - make your own nail polish from eyeshadow

All you need is your broken eyeshadow or an eyeshadow that you never apply anyway, a clear coat and glitter or whatever you like. You will surely already have the rest of the utensils at home, such as a small container, a sheet of paper or a stick.

Nail polish 3 375x195 - make your own nail polish from eyeshadow

First you crush the eyeshadow to a very fine powder. Common household items such as a spoon or the flat side of a knife can help you with this. 

The next step is to put clear coat in a small jar and then mix the powder into it. 

You should make sure that you mix the mixture well with a stick so that there are no unsightly lumps! 

Nail polish 5 375x195 - make your own nail polish from eyeshadow

You can put the finished mixture back into the clear varnish bottle, for example using a paper funnel.

Nail polish 6 375x195 - make your own nail polish from eyeshadow

Your homemade nail polish is now ready. It was quick, wasn’t it? Now all you have to do is paint your nails in even strokes from the cuticle to the tip. 

However, you should be a little careful when applying it, as the consistency can differ somewhat compared to a conventional nail polish. Finally, for a longer hold and more shine, I recommend applying a top coat. With your individually designed nail polish, which is definitely not for sale, you will no doubt draw everyone’s attention. I hope you enjoy trying the tip!

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion and beauty stylist from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.

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