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How to do DIY reed diffuser fragrance

DIY reed diffuser fragrance

What are the best recipes for DIY reed diffuser fragrance? Our guide explains how to make your own fragrance for the diffuser. Fast, easy, sustainable — and money saving!

With a homemade room fragrance, you give your home a personal touch and can also determine what ingredients it should have. In addition, you take the environment into account.

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DIY reed diffuser fragrance: Ingredients

To make a room fragrance yourself, you only need a few ingredients:

  • vial of your choice as a container (approx. 100 to 200 ml filling quantity)
  • 80 ml alcohol (e.g. vodka or grain) as solvent
  • 10 ml of glycerin make the ingredients combine well
  • 100 to 120 dropsof essential oils of your choice determine the fragrance direction
  • Rattan or bamboo sticks (even satay sticks) diffuse the scent into the room

Finding the right fragrance

The range of possible essential oils for room fragrances is wide. You can only use one oil, but you can also mix several fragrances. These sample combinations are particularly suitable for this:

  • Eucalyptus, mint and lime have a concentration-promoting and invigorating effect.
  • Natural freshness is made from citrus, mint and rosemary.
  • Rose, lavender and sage fragrances are suitable for relaxing.

The ratio in which you mix the oils is up to you, because it depends entirely on your personal taste. You can just try something around and test different conditions. However, a ratio of 50 drops of lavender, 30 drops of sage and 30 drops of rosemary or 40 drops of eucalyptus, mint and lime would be conceivable.

How it works

DIY reed diffuser fragrance

The preparation of the fragrance works quite simply: all the ingredients need to be mixed. First, put the essential oils in the vial. Then add the alcohol and glycerin.

Close the bottle and shake the contents vigorouslyso that the ingredients mix well. Finally, just put the sticks in the mixture. With the number of sticks you can control the intensity of the fragrance. More sticks mean a more intense fragrance. Then you’re done!

You can make your own personal room scent that quickly. Since the vial can be refilled again and again, the homemade variant is a sustainable alternative compared to the products purchased.

In addition, you can also save money with the homemade fragrance. Although the ingredients may be more expensive at the first purchase than a finished room scent from the drugstore, it pays off in the long run, because with the ingredients on stock you can replenish the fragrance bottle again and again.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion and beauty stylist from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.

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