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How to: ways to freeze parsley correctly

ways to freeze parsley correctly

Are there ways to freeze parsley correctly so you can use it later on? Yes, our guide outlines the easy way to freeze parsley and other herbs for later use.

Have you picked fresh herbs in the garden and has the parsley grown particularly diligently? Then it is worth freezing some parsley so that you can enjoy it later with the same aroma. We will show you what you should consider and the ways to freeze parsley correctly.

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1. Freeze or dry parsley?

Basically, you can freeze all herbs. Parsley is particularly suitable for this, as the aroma and seasoning of it are still preserved even after thawing. It doesn’t matter if it’s smooth or frizzy parsley.

If you are wondering whether you should freeze or dry the parsley, you have to note that although drying also makes the herbs last longer, the aroma is almost completely lost. For preserving herbs, however, both options are very suitable.

2. Tips for harvesting and washing

If you are freezing parsley, you should consider a few points in advance. The most important thing is that it is best to freeze the parsley immediately after harvest. The fresher you are when freezing, the better.

You should also wash them beforehand and pat them dry with a cloth. Excess water can reduce shelf life, so work hard. Now you can decide whether you prefer to freeze the parsley as a bouquet or divide it into smaller portions in advance.

3. Preserve the herbs according to your needs

If you freeze the parsley as a bouquet, you only need to wash it and then put it in a freezer bag. If you are using small portions, you can also divide the parsley with stem into several freezer bags. With these options, you can break the frozen parsley in the freezer bag and save yourself the cut.

Alternatively, you can cut the parsley beforehand and then place it in the freezer. The shelf life of the frozen herbs is several months. If necessary, just thaw the necessary parsley and cook wonderful dishes!

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