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How to make a diary pen holder

make a diary pen holder

If you use an annual diary or planner, you need at least one pen to make entries at any time. A single pen loop is usually integrated into the calendar. For even more writing, drawing and painting possibilities, you can also sew a pen holder, in which another or several pens can be accommodated. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to make a diary pen holder easily.

This pen holder is made quickly, requires only a few basic sewing skills and can be attached variably to the front or rear book cover. You probably already have the necessary materials at home!

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Instructions to make a diary pen holder

This pen holder can be easily sewn from scraps of fabric. To fit calendars in A5 size and slightly different formats, it is attached to the book cover with a rubber band and a button.

make a diary pen holder

For a holder that holds two pens, you need: a strip of fabric of 57 x 10 cm (perhaps a remnant from the back of an old shirt) a big button a hair rubber (e.g. an environmentally friendly hair rubber made of natural rubber)or a similar rubber band. See above.

make a diary pen holder

Iron the edges of the fabric around about half an inch wide. Then fold in length and also iron.

make a diary pen holder

Sew the hem of one of the short ends. Turn this end of the fabric strip twelve centimetres wide and get stuck. This will be the bag for the two pens.

Sew the fabric strip on all sides with a few millimetres of distance to the edge. Important: The hem must only be very narrow. If you take too far from the edge, the pens no longer fit in the pocket.

Add another seam to subdivide the pen pocket. Insert two pens to test the size. If the pen compartments are still too large and the pens to fall out, you can sew the seam a little offset to reduce the size. Just above the bottom of the pen pocket, sew the button. The best way to do this is by hand.

Place the pen holder around the diary cover so that the bag is on the book cover with the opening upwards, the strip of fabric leads around from the top behind the lid and a short end of the fabric strip looks out again below.

Place the hair rubber under the short end of the fabric strip and fold the fabric so far back that the rubber reaches with a little tension to the center of the button.

Fix the folded fabric end with a pin and sew the end of the fabric with a cross seam to create a loop in which the hair rubber lies.

Add a seam to the upper end of the loop edge. It prevents the fabric from condensing too much due to the pull of the hair rubber. The pen holder is ready!

Now you can put it around the book cover again, attach it to the button with the rubber band and insert your favorite pens.

Variations of the pen holder You only need one or more than two pens or would you like to have completely different accessories with you? Then you can change the pen holder without much effort: To use the holder for a ruler or other accessories, just omit the seam that divides the bag for two pins.

The holder is suitable for a single pen when sewn from a strip of fabric of 57 x 5 centimeters. A format of 57 x 13 centimetres houses three pens. Then two dividers are sewn in. Instead of a hair rubber, you can also use a 20 centimetre long piece of cord (for example, a piece of a lace-up) to fasten it. Thread one end through the loop in which the rubber would otherwise be attached, and knot it tightly.

Wrap the other end around the button or make a loop. Another way to have an additional pen at hand is to paste an extra pen loop into the calendar.

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