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How to stop food cravings: 11 tips

stop food cravings

Chocolate! Now! Immediately! And then a few cookies, chips and whatever else we can get our hands on. Most of us are probably familiar with such uncontrolled attacks. What are the best ways to stop food cravings? We have some strong guidance into the reasons you get them, and 11 ways to stop them.

All day long, your thoughts are all about candy or salty snacks, although you really want to lose weight, that’s bad. Because it is only a matter of time before we give in to the urge and stuff everything into ourselves that is within reach. So that you do not snack all the time, we have put together the best tips against cravings.

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How does craving actually come about?

There are many reasons for cravings . There is often a direct link to our blood sugar level. If we eat something, sugar gets into the blood, the blood sugar level rises and the body has to produce insulin in order to lower the blood sugar level again. This is completely normal.

After sweets or white flour products, the rise in blood sugar levels is very quick and strong. Unfortunately, it sinks quickly and deeply a little later. The body reacts to this with cravings, because such a low blood sugar level is associated with a lack of food. So one of the best tips against cravings is: eat less sweets and white flour products,

It is different when we eat a whole grain bread with cheese or a piece of meat with salad. The blood sugar level also rises, but much more slowly and not so strongly. It sinks just as slowly. There is no craving, so making sure your blood sugar levels are correct is a great way to stop food cravings.

With the right choice of food, we have a certain influence on our cravings. But cravings also arise from many other things such as constant stress , fatigue or psychological problems. So here are the best tips to stop food cravings. First we tell you how to react properly to a cravings attack, then there are tips so that there are no cravings at all.

11 ways to stop food cravings

Once the appetite for chocolate is there, quick counter-strategies are needed. Here are SOS tips against cravings that always help.

Chew peppermint chewing gum

Not sweet fruit helps against cravings, but something containing peppermint. Peppermint is nice and spicy and spreads quickly in the mouth. The appetite for sweets disappears on its own. So just grab a piece of chewing gum, suck a candy or brush your teeth.


If you do not pay attention to the cravings, he will usually leave the dust within a few minutes and leave you in peace. Distracting is one of the best tips against cravings when the appetite for something sweet or salty suddenly bursts over you.

Distraction ideas:

  • Call girlfriend
  • To go for a walk
  • Switch on the PC and surf
  • to clean up
  • and and and

Preventive measures

So that there is no excessive appetite for sweets, there are some tips against cravings that you should stick to as a preventative measure. Try to implement as many as possible in everyday life.

Don’t go hungry

Those who are hungry suffer from cravings more quickly. This is due to the low blood sugar level. Therefore: Never go hungry and prefer to eat until you are full.

Enjoy food

Those who follow this tip are less likely to fight with cravings. If you eat the meals on the side or only eat when you are busy with something else, you often do not even know what you have eaten. Too bad about the great food! Take your time to taste every bite. This is one of the best tips against food cravings, because eating makes you more satisfied and those who are satisfied do not suffer from constant appetite.

Eat regularly

If you like to skip meals, for example breakfast , the blood sugar level drops to the basement and immediately demands something to eat. He prefers to have sweets because that brings quick energy. To prevent this from happening, you should plan for three fixed meals a day, including a snack in the morning and afternoon. If the day is stressful, you should make provisions and have snacks ready.

No bans

Forbidden is sooo attractive! Therefore: When it comes to food, there are no prohibitions. Chocolate , cookies, cakes, chips, ice cream or pizza: everything is allowed. But not every day and only in small portions. If you stick to it, you have followed one of the best tips against cravings.

Go for whole grains

stop food cravings

Whole grain products such as bread, pasta or brown rice contain plenty of fiber , which ensures a long feeling of satiety. Therefore: grab it and leave the light white flour products on the left.

Another plus point: after enjoying whole grain foods, the blood sugar level rises only slowly. You do not experience the roller coaster ride like after white bread, when the blood sugar level rises, then rushes down and you feel cravings shortly afterwards.

Take breaks

Just as you need breaks from everyday life, the body needs breaks. A snack in the morning and afternoon is ok, constant snacks are counterproductive and promote cravings.

Eat sweets after the meal

A dessert like this is not only a great way to end a meal, it is also damn smart to eat something sweet after eating. The reason: if you eat the chocolate or the cake after pasta, the cheese bread or a salad, the effect on the blood sugar level is completely different. The level does not rise as quickly as after eating the sweets alone. In other words, the blood sugar hole is absent and with it the cravings.

Drink enough

How? Those who drink enough (1.5 to 2 liters per day) not only provide the body with enough fluid, they also reduce cravings. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. And the stale feeling in your mouth when you haven’t drunk in ages, preferably with something sweet. When it comes to tips against cravings, you should not forget to drink enough.

Reduce stress

Stress is one of the main triggers for cravings. Many calm the nerves with cake and chocolate. Anyone who combats stress otherwise eliminates an important cause of cravings.

This helps with stress:

  • fresh air
  • Sports
  • relaxation exercises
  • regular breaks
  • Separation of job and leisure

Do sports

You can’t eat nonsense while you’re doing sports. Another good reason to rely on regular exercise. An even better one comes here: Sport releases happiness hormones and reduces stress. After sport, we no longer need frustration because we are fine.

Get enough sleep

Yawn. A day like this can drag on when you’re tired. And of course, sweets give you new energy in no time. Cravings are closely linked to tiredness. Those who sleep enough do not live with the constant need for something to eat.