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How to build a potplant shelf

build a potplant shelf

We conjure up colorful “hanging gardens” for the house wall from decking boards and a few flower pots . Use our guide to build a potplant shelf. You can use normal wood for this. Outside, treat the shelf with wood protection or a suitable color.

This is a great solution to save space and also to add a colorful accent to your balcony or terrace. You can also consider making several of these and positioning them in a stack of rows that becomes a ‘living garden wall’.

And don’t limit your design thinking just to the walls of your house or terrace. There are many other places you can place this project with just a little bit of adaptation.

With little effort, you can create beautiful splashes of color that you can also hang on fences and grilles if you use hooks instead of hangers. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to the color and shape of the flower pots. Important: Make sure that the water can drain off.

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Build a potplant shelf: Instructions

build a potplant shelf

Step 1/7: mark the circumference

Mark the circumference of the pot with a pencil. Now decrease about one to two centimeters in diameter so that the pot does not slip.

Step 2/7: drill holes

Use a wood drill with a centering tip to drill holes so that the jigsaw can be attached.

build a potplant shelf

Step 3/7: saw out holes

Saw out the holes.

build a potplant shelf

Step 4/7: sand edges

Sand the edges with coarse sandpaper (60 grit).

Step 5/7: Connect strips

Now connect the two strips using self-made angles and wood screws. It is best to predrill.

build a potplant shelf

Step 6/7: attach the metal hanger

Drill countersunk holes with a Forstner bit and attach the metal hanger.

Step 7/7: Paint the flower pot holder

Now paint with wood preservation primer and varnish.

Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing and construction.

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