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How to revive dried ballpoint pens

revive dried ballpoint pens

Are there ways to revive dried ballpoint pens? Absolutely. Our tips will explain how to bring a dead ballpoint pen back to life.

Ballpoint pens often stop writing, even though they are still full. You can find out how to get dried ballpoint pens back to writing, and not have them end up in landfill when they could still be used.

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Ballpoint pens dry up over time

Do we still use ballpoint pens in times of the Internet or has everything been transferred to the keyboard in the meantime? Fortunately, that is not the case yet. And hopefully we don’t get to the point where we forget to write with the pen. Especially in the office you need ballpoint pens every day. And it is there that ballpoint pens have disappeared again and again. Do you know that?

Either a strange pen claw is involved or supernatural forces are at work. Once you finally find a ballpoint pen in the farthest corner of the drawer, you often have the bad luck that it no longer writes. This is despite the fact that the mine is still full. So the ball will probably be glued with dried paint at the front. Here are some tips on what to do about it.

3 tips to revive dried ballpoint pens

Tip 1:
Screw the ballpoint pen apart and then hold the tip of the ballpoint pen very briefly (really only a very short time!) over a flame. Then try on a piece of paper.

Tip 2:
Alternatively, to revive dried ballpoint pens, you can put the pen in a bag and place it either in warm water or on the heater. Then shake the pen well. But be careful: the ink could squirt, creating stains on the clothing that are difficult to remove. Tip: This works best with the Perfume 4711.

Tip 3:
If you don’t have time for the previous tips, you can just breathe the mine for a while. The warm breath should warm the color in the tip, allowing the ball to move again.

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