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How to remove glass rings from a wood table

remove glass rings from a wood table

Are there ways to remove glass rings from a wood table? For sure: our guide outlines several tricks to remove the unsightly marks without causing damage to the table surface.

Wooden tables are something beautiful, but only as long as the guests place their glasses on the existing drink coasters. If they do not do so, ugly water rings will be created. There are a few tricks to get rid of them. 

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Tips to remove glass rings from a wood table

It is best to clean the whole table immediately after the dinner or party. 

Ash and butter

And believe it not, the full ashtray from any smokers at the party can even do some good here.

Take a little ash, a piece of butter and mix a paste out of the two together. This is rubbed onto the stain with a damp cloth and then polished off. 


You can also try toothpaste. However, you should first test in an inconspicuous place to make sure the toothpaste you are using for your teeth does not remove the lacquer or oil finish on the table — some toothpastes are extremely abrasive, so be careful with a test first.

Bicarbonate soda

If it does not work in these ways, you can try it with a little bicarbonate soda. Again, as with the toothpaste, be careful not to let it become too abrasive and ruin the finish.


Polished furniture must of course be treated with particular care when you want to remove glass rings from a wood table, and in many cases this is where the stains are best rubbed off with kerosene.  Again, you should text this in a small and inconspicuous area to see if it works with the finish on your table.

No matter what means you want to use, you should always use it only in moderation and polish very carefully. Then the beautiful wooden table shines again like new.

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