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How to help a child lose weight

help a child lose weight

Are there ways to help a child lose weight without harming their health? Yes, our guide outlines healthy strategies you can use for your children — and youself!

One in six children in the western world is considered overweight – and many of them are already obese. The reasons for this are manifold. But children don’t need diet pills or a special diet plan for children to lose weight – losing weight for children doesn’t have to be a big deal. Often even small changes in everyday life help. We will show you below what weight loss in children is all about and how to help a child lose weight.

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Strategies to help a child lose weight

1. Recognising obesity in children

From when a child is really fat, it is not as easy to determine as if they were an adult. In general, it is referred to as being overweight in children when the child weighs 20 percent more than he should.

The weight curve in the precautionary booklet gives a good clue. There, the doctor enters the current weight during each preventive examination. If the individual weight curve exceeds the 90th percentile of the average curve, it is officially referred to as being overweight.

Another indicator is the BMI (Body Mass Index). You can calculate this yourself, for example, with online BMI calculators.

However, being a little overweight is not necessarily a problem by itself. Fat burning in children changes over the years and fat distribution can change quickly. So you should keep an eye on the weight, but not be too strict and intervene too quickly.

2. Eat healthily

Eat healthily with children

Losing weight for children means switching the diet and eating in a balanced way.

When you deal with the topic of losing weight for children, you will quickly be confronted with many weight loss programs for children. The fact is, you don’t need a special diet plan for children. It is much more important that you practice a healthy and balanced diet to help a child lose weight.

Make sure that all nutrients are covered and avoid brushing off special foods. For a healthy diet you need all the building blocks – fat, carbohydrates and also sugar.

Children and adolescents should eat at least three meals a day. In between, you should snack on fruit or vegetables if necessary.

Here you will be happy to follow the usual recommendations and try to integrate a lot of vegetables and fruits into the menu. Be sure to trust your child here.

Most children have a healthy feeling of satiety. It is also less about limiting food intake. But to replace less healthy foods with healthier alternatives.

Be sure to take your time and cook together. This is how children learn that healthy eating is delicious and fun. Here’s a video that shows tips and tricks on how to get your child to eat healthier:

3. Dealing with sweets

Even sweets are part of a healthy and balanced diet to a certain extent. After all, a chocolate bar doesn’t make you fat. Naschen is well-tolerated in healthy proportions. With the following tips, you can integrate sweets into everyday life without excesses:

  • Don’t stock up on large stocks, that just tempts you to snack.
  • Divide the sweets for your child into appropriate portions.
  • The child can decide on his own when to eat the sweets. Once the allocated quantity has been used up, there is no replenishment.
  • Be a role model for your child and show you what alternatives there are for chocolate and gummy bears.
  • Introduce rituals and serve a healthy dessert after lunch, for example. A yoghurt with fruit or simply an apple.
  • Talk to relatives and make sure that the child is not fed sweets, for example, with grandma and grandpa.

4. Integrating movement into everyday life

help a child lose weight

Losing weight for children starts with more exercise and sport.

Does sport need children to lose weight? Yes – without sport, it’s hard to lose weight. In many cases, childhood obesity can be attributed to a lack of exercise. This is therefore a point on which you should work urgently.

It is important that sport should not be a compulsion. You don’t need a sophisticated training plan for children to lose weight. Let your child choose which sport they find interesting. Take your time and let the youngsters get a taste of various sports courses or clubs.

In addition, you can also ensure that there is more movement in everyday life. Travel shorter distances on foot. Take the stairs and avoid the elevator. On days off, you can take a short walk or take a trip to the zoo. This makes exercise easy and fun.

5. Healthy weight loss: Avoid diet pills and hunger cures

Parents can be an important help when it comes to the child being too heavy. Being overweight in children is not a doomsday, so you shouldn’t make the issue the focus of family life.

For a healthy weight loss, weight loss products such as pills, shakes or other dietary supplements are completely unnecessary and absolutely not recommended for children! You should ignore homeopathy for losing weight or even losing weight with hypnosis.

It is much more important to change lifestyles in such a way that weight is no longer a problem. It is your job to teach your child a healthy lifestyle. Show your child that without a diet and without hunger can reduce weight in a completely natural way and avoid extreme behaviors or hunger cures.

6. Overweight in children: When to go to the doctor?

Being overweight in children can have an impact on health. If your child has only a small weight problem, you don’t need to worry. In most cases, even small changes in everyday life are enough to solve the problem.

However, if the child is severely overweight, you should consider seeking help. The doctor can then specifically search for causes. Is there perhaps a reason why the child constantly eats and eats too much? Are there any mental health problems? The pediatrician is the right contact person in these cases. It may also be possible to consider whether a cure for children for losing weight makes sense.

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