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How to make DIY wax cloth wraps

make DIY wax cloth wraps

Is there an easy way to make DIY wax cloth wraps to substitute for cling film? For sure! Our illustrated guide shows you how, using fabric and beeswax.

Would you like to live more sustainably and do without plastic? Even small steps in everyday life are effective: exchange plastic bottles for glass bottles, replace shopping bags with jute bags and buy food without plastic packaging. In the kitchen, too, you can easily do without unnecessary plastic consumption. With the beeswax towels you can replace the classic cling film, for example, and keep fruit, vegetables and bread fresh for a long time! We will show you step by step how you can quickly make your own beeswax towels!

Make DIY wax cloth wraps yourself: step-by-step

They are antibacterial, long-lasting and reusable: beeswax towels! The natural alternative to cling film looks great and is very easy to make yourself. With such small steps, we contribute a small part to the fight against plastic delusion.  

DIY beeswax cloth

What you need for your homemade beeswax towels

  • Leftovers of linen or cotton (washed through)
  • Grate organic beeswax from old honey candles, block beeswax or wax pearls (approx.15g for 30 × 30 cm)
  • Scissors (if present, shaft scissors)
  • baking paper
  • Iron

Step 1 : cut fabrics

First you cut your fabrics (30 x 30 cm), depending on what you want to use the towels for. The towels become particularly beautiful if you cut them with a pair of scissors, a special tailor’s scissors. So that the fabric ends do not fray and the overall picture is more beautiful.

Step 2 : spread beeswax

Now place a baking paper on your ironing pad and spread out your cloth on the baking paper. Then spread the wax pearls or honey candle sprinkles on the cloth. You get the sprinkles if you grate a simple organic wax candle! A good alternative if you don’t want to order extra pearls!

Beeswax towels

Step 3 : iron the beeswax cloths

Then place another baking paper on the cloth with the wax sprinkles and gently iron over it in a circular motion. Through the baking paper you can see how the wax melts and spreads on the cloth. Important: iron carefully so that all the wax does not run out to the side.

make DIY wax cloth wraps
Make beeswax towels yourself

Step 4 : let it dry!

If the wax is evenly distributed on the cloth, carefully pull off the baking paper and take out the cloth. Now it is important to store the cloth flat to avoid deformation. It is best to place it on a smooth surface to dry or hang it with clothespins. Your homemade beeswax is ready!

make DIY wax cloth wraps

Make beeswax towels yourself: tips and tricks

  • Except for raw meat or fish, you can wrap all foods in beeswax towels.
  • Beeswax has an antibacterial effect, which is very important when keeping food fresh.
  • Less is more: Do not use too much wax, as the layer will simply become too thick. It is better to put a little less on the cloth and test the right amount.
  • Very important: cleaning! Every now and then you should wash the towels with cold water and additionally with a soap (organic) and let them air dry.