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How to upcycle a ladder into a shelf

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

From the workshop directly into the living room: We upcycle a ladder into a shelf with a chic wall vintage look. Out step-by-step guide shows you how.

Around the corner and in a vintage look. If this is not a dream shelf for do-it-yourselfers! Since old, used ladders are often difficult to obtain, we simply give a new wooden ladder an “old” vintage look.

In our example, we built the ladder shelf from a new painter ladder from the hardware store (cost point is between 40 and 60 euros). But if you do not get started right away, but have some time to procure materials, you can certainly make a bargain.

When searching for used wooden ladders on the Internet, there are numerous entries in the relevant sales exchanges, such as eBay etc. An inquiry with a painting company can not hurt, maybe there is a decommissioned ladder that can be purchased for a few euros.

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Steps to upcycle a ladder into a shelf

The materials:

6 hanger bolts, 2 threaded rods, 9 washers, 9 nuts, 6 long nuts, 2 connecting brackets, 10 screws, wooden ladder, stain, paint residues

The tools

Gloves, folding rule, set square, countersink, drill, cordless screwdriver, drill, fine saw, miter box, hacksaw, spirit level, spanner, hammer

The preparation

It’s easy to turn an old ladder into an old one. Stain, paint residues, spatula and brush ready? Let’s go! The preparation ends with two miter cuts and drilling.

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

First, rub the entire surface with stain. Before using the stain, it must be shaken well.

For “ageing” , use paint residues that you have on hand and spill, spray or fill as you like.

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

After the paint has dried, mark the position on the spars where you have the ladder parts, with a pen and triangle.

On the miter box, cut out the marked recess with a fine saw on both bars.

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

This gives you two ladder parts that later meet perfectly at the right angle and can be attached around corners.

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

For wall mounting , pre-drill 2 holes through the rungs that support the shelf (twice on the long ladder section, once on the short one).

Mounting on the wall

Once all the preparations have been made, the process continues quickly: re-drill holes with countersink, connect ladder parts with angles – and the wall installation can begin.

Drill the holes with a countersink . This will deburr them and make it easier to insert the screws later.

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

An angle is used to connect the conductor parts. This is attached to the inside of the ladder with screws.

The screws on the wall are made using hanger bolts and threaded rods, which you saw to length using the miter box.

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

The positioning of the ladder on the wall works with a spirit level and a spacer in the desired length.

Use a spanner to turn the hanger bolts into the wall. The connecting piece with threaded rod comes on top.

upcycle a ladder into a shelf

Finally , thread the threaded rods through the holes. For fixation, counter on both sides with washers and nuts.

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