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How to wash stuffed toys easily

wash stuffed toys

How do you wash stuffed toys without damaging them? Our guide explains what to do so the toy is clean again without damage.

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Wash stuffed toys regularly

Children sometimes carry their plush toys everywhere. Accordingly, they become dirty. Therefore, you should wash all stuffed animals regularly.

Stuffed animals are not only very popular with very young children. Teenagers also usually have a plush toy to lie in bed. Since these are usually accepted by children everywhere and sometimes also get a bite of food, you should wash the stuffed animals at regular intervals. This is fast and also quite inexpensive. Your child doesn’t even need to notice, because otherwise, if the stuffed toy gets wet, tears might flow with your child. 

In order for your child’s plush toy to survive the laundry unscathed, we have written here for you how you should wash the individual stuffed animals, which are usually made of different fabrics.

Remove batteries

Before you start cleaning the stuffed animals, you should first remove all batteries and voice modules from the plush toys. Mostly cuddly toys have a zipper or Velcro, but there are also stuffed toys that do not possess such a thing. Here it is best to simply open the seam of the stuffed animal in an inconspicuous place and remove the batteries. After cleaning, you can reinsert the batteries and sew the stuffed toy.

Wash stuffed toys: by hand vs the washing machine

If the stuffed animal has a label, you should check whether it is intended to provide information on the washability. If this is the case, then at least you already know that you can treat the stuffed animal with water. Unfortunately, however, there are usually no exact washing details on the label. 

Of course, you can put the plush toy in the washing machine and tumble dryer on good luck, but whether the plush toy still looks like before the laundry?! Only terry animals, microfiber animals and soft toys with short piles can be put into the washing machine and tumble dryer without any worries. However, if the plush toys are already matted or the material is already very thin, then you should wash the cuddly toys by hand.

With all other stuffed animals, you can’t really do anything wrong if you clean them in a warm soapy liquor with about 30 degrees. Of course, you need to pre-treat stains. Then gently express the plush toy and let it dry in the air. Long-haired plush toys can also be hurled briefly in the air before drying. When the stuffed animals are completely dry, you just have to shake them up again and get them back into shape.

Teddy bear

With a really nice teddy, you should be careful when cleaning. Especially when it may be an old piece from your childhood. First, you should brush the teddy thoroughly. A baby brush that may still exist in the household can help. If necessary, it also does a cat brush to comb out the stubborn dust. Basically, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. But please use only the lowest level! But of course it also works with a hairdryer. 

You can clean the teddy bear after dust removal with a little water. Persistent dirt spots, such as fat spots,can also be removed with hair shampoo or soap. You can then re-insert the hair dryer to clean the teddy. If the teddy also has clothes, you should also clean them. Careful, of course, according to the possibly available label with the washing instructions, preferably with hair shampoo or fine detergent.

The professional cleaner

If you don’t want to take any risks, because the stuffed toy you want to wash is, for example, a very old plush toy with a sentimental value, then you can also take it into the dry cleaner or specialist cleaner.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion and beauty stylist from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.

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