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How to make your own arnica tincture

make arnica tincture

Nowadays you can buy everything, but it doesn’t always have to be, because you can make a lot of things yourself at a low cost. For example, you can make an arnica tincture yourself. Can you really make arnica tincture yourself? Yes! Our guide will show you step by step, and also outline some things to watch out for.

Externally applied, it helps, for example, with joint inflammation, muscle soreness, bruises, bruises and tendinitis. But it also helps with many other ailments. However, the inner application of the plant is discouraged, as it can cause poisoning. 

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Obtaining arnica flowers

Basically, the ingredients of this plant have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic and blood-purifying effect. If you now want to make an arnikatincture yourself because of the many great properties, then you should know that this plant is so rare that it is protected in some parts of Europe and must not be collected. 

For your arnica tincture, you should therefore use the flowers from your own plant, which you can grow in the garden. You can also buy dried flowers in the pharmacy.

Steps to make arnica tincture

The production of the tincture is actually relatively simple. Take 30 grams of dried arnica flowers and store them in 200 ml of alcohol for two weeks. You do not have to buy extra the expensive alcohol from the pharmacy. You can also take instead simply vodka or wine spirit for making the tincture. 

After two weeks you have to filter the flowers out of the alcohol. You should now transfer the tincture to a bottle, which you must store in the dark. It is best to have a brown or green bottle. Now let the tincture sit for another 10 days. And you can use your homemade remedy.

Ask your doctor!

You should always remember that arnica is a very strong-acting medicinal plant that you must never use undiluted. It must never be drunk. The internal use of this plant should generally be enjoyed with caution, as too high a dosage can cause severe side effects such as nausea, vomiting, palpitations and breathing difficulties. 

So if you want to be on the safe side, you should consult your doctor on this subject before using it. It is generally very important that if you want to treat yourself with medicinal herbs, you first consult your doctor or pharmacist about the application.

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