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How to clean seashells correctly for crafts

clean seashells correctly for craftS

How can you clean seashells correctly for crafts? Our guide outlines how to get the shells perfectly clean without damage.

Seashells are one of the most popular holiday souvenirs of all: they are free to have and often look beautiful. Unfortunately, they never come clean from the sea, but they are covered in dirt and algae, and their interior does not look tempting either. In addition, some emanate an unpleasant smell. Luckily, it is quite easy to clean seashells correctly for crafts and thus they become real little gems. 

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Steps to clean seashells correctly for craft

Because the dirt usually adheres very stubbornly to the surface, a thorough soaking is necessary. This will take a few days, but it is worth being patient! Here’s the best way to do it:

  • Soak them: Put the empty seashells in a bucket and pour clean water on them. Leave the mussels lying for about a week, but change the water every day – otherwise it will be stinky.
  • Boil: Now you can put the seashells in a cooking pot, again with fresh water. Cook for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Draining: Pour the brew through a tight-meshed sieve, so you’ll get rid of some loose dirt without it going down the drain. Other dirt may still stick to the surface of the mussels.
  • Scrub: Scrub the shells thoroughly with a toothbrush, which should be quite easy after this long soaking process. Then rinse again with water and you have clean seashells in front of you.

The seashells now look a lot better and certainly will last longer. Nevertheless, you can do a little more to give the ornamental shells more shine.

Polishing shells after cleaning

Polishing gives many surfaces a pleasant shine, including your shells. To get an appealing result, you need a vial of baby oil — which has just the right consistency to care for the shells in the best possible way.

  • Put a couple of drops of baby oil onto the shell.
  • Rub it with your fingers or a soft cloth.
  • Use a cotton bud and ball for the recesses.
  • Dry the shell gently with a soft cloth.
  • Now the shell should shine nicely.

With your self-collected shells you can now decorate a mirror or decorate bottles, for example. It is also possible to glue a picture frame with it or simply design the bathroom with it.

TIPS: Never add bleach to the cleaning bath of your seashells! Although these substances have a strong cleansing effect, they also cause the shells to be porous and thus perhaps even destroyed. 

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