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How to housetrain a puppy easily

housetrain a puppy easily

How do you housetrain a puppy easily? If a puppy moves into the house, the joy is great. But the new owners must also take responsibility and your patience is often put to the test. Especially when the puppy needs to be housetrained.

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Tips to housetrain a puppy easily

Housetraining is not innate in a puppy. The small, clumsy new roommate is sure to give you a lot of fun, but this can quickly be tarnished by the famous little mishap. To housetrain a puppy easily, you need to know that the puppy has an instinctive need to keep its resting, sleeping and feeding place clean. Nevertheless, the mishaps are preprogrammed, because the capacity of the bladder is still quite low and the conscious control of the sphincter muscles in the dog must first be trained.

Your puppy will show you when he needs to get out

Watch your dog and react to the first signs that the dog has to do it by carrying the puppy outdoors. For example, if the animal looks constantly at the door or suddenly gets up from the place and sniffs on the floor, it may have a full bladder. Some puppies start to circle, others whimper or become extremely restless.

No puppy is housetrained with punishment

Just watch your dog doing its business in the house, interrupt it with a clear “No!” And take the puppy outside immediately . There he can do his business in peace. However, if the mishap has already happened, do not scold or punish your four-legged friend under any circumstances. 

It does not help to be scolding, screaming or having long discussions with the puppy, now only cleaning helps. Poking its nose into the urine or shaking its neck vigorously are also out of place — this only creates fear.

Routine helps to keep the house clean. Controlled daily routines are important and promote the development of the biorhythm. Don’t create stress. Carry your puppy outside regularly after eating, playing and sleeping. Once he’s done his business, you can exuberantly praise him. As much as you are happy that you made it out in time, but do not praise the puppy while he is doing his business, that distracts him too much.

Consistency and patience

In the first period, your baby dog ​​must also go out at night. It is recommended that the dog’s sleeping area is within audible proximity of you so that you can notice the first signs. Many dog ​​owners set up the cookie in a dog box during the night and when they are absent. 

One reason for this is that the animal is looking for a safe place to sleep and feels safe. The second reason is that, as already mentioned, the puppy instinctively keeps its sleeping place clean. The dog box is a good option as a training tool for housekeeping, provided that the box is not used for punishment or for blocking away.

Training for housekeeping can last from a few weeks to months. The four-legged friend must learn and above all understand what it is about. In addition, the sphincters must develop. If, despite patience and consistency, there is no success after several months, go to the veterinarian with your puppy. The persistent messiness can also be caused by a bladder infection, for example.

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