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How to clean crystal glasses correctly

clean crystal glasses correctly

What is the best way to clean crystal glasses? Our guide outlines the ways to clean crystal glasses correctly so they always sparkle and never look dull or cloudy.

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Crystal glasses are still very popular for the finely laid table. They are often only taken out of the closet on certain days, such as Christmas or birthdays. They have their price, because really high-quality crystal glasses easily cost up to several hundred euros. It is therefore all the more important that they are properly cared for.

Tips to clean crystal glasses correctly

It is not a good idea to treat the beautiful crystal glasses like normal glasses. Because cleaning in the dishwasher doesn’t like this material. The dishwasher salt but also the tabs can attack the surface of the glasses. The result is scratched and dull glasses that just don’t want to shine properly.

Very high-quality glasses in particular often even have a gold finish or a platinum rim. This would be washed away in the dishwasher. It doesn’t look very nice in the end, especially since the edge is usually washed out slowly. This means that there are unsightly spots in the edges until they are washed out at some point.

If the glasses have been in the cupboard for a long time and may be a little dusty, you should not use a duster to clean them either. The small dust particles would scratch the surface and the glasses would lose their shine.

Basically, not much is needed for cleaning. The following table gives a small overview:

SPONGE: A soft sponge is gentle on the surface and reliably removes dirt and dust. But it should be really soft.
PH-NEUTRAL DETERGENT: This is diluted with lukewarm water and removes grease and dirt well. During cleaning, the sponge should be gently passed over the crystal glass in a circular motion.
DRYING CLOTH: A soft, dust-free cloth should also be used here. As some crystal glasses are very thin, extreme care should be taken when drying them so that the glass does not break.

The professional shows it

Unfortunately, the proper care of the crystal glasses is neglected. In the past, good silver was polished before events and occasions, as was the expensive crystal glass. But today not so much value is given to it anymore and it is seen as superfluous. 

Professionals are happy to pass on these tips when it comes to caring for crystal glasses:

  • Jugs and carafes are usually difficult to access. After use, rinse them with lukewarm water and let them drip upside down. This way, no beverage residues can get stuck inside. So that the pitcher or carafe does not tip over, there are decanter dryers. This is a frame on which the vessels are placed with the opening facing downwards.
  • Wine contains tanin and this settles on the glass. It can be removed very well with vinegar. Simply dilute a little vinegar with lukewarm water, pour into the glass, let it take effect briefly and rinse.
  • The beautiful platinum or gold border is delicate. There are special cleaners for this refinement so that it remains beautiful and is protected.
  • Storage is very important. Crystal glasses are never stacked one inside the other. Every glass has its own place. It is also important to ensure that there is some space between the glasses. This way they stand securely and do not scratch.
  • Never use hot water for cleaning yourself. Lukewarm water is perfectly sufficient. If the water is too hot, the glass can go blind.

The professional tips can not only be used for crystal glasses and carafes. They are also very useful for vases. It may be a bit of a hassle, but if you do the work and rinse the glasses used and don’t leave them until the next day, you will enjoy the beautiful crystal for a long time.

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