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How to wake up better in the morning

wake up better in the morning

Are you one of those people who get out of bed in the morning and are hardly responsive? That does not have to remain the case! We have tips and tricks on how to wake up better in the morning and boost your mood.

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Tips to wake up better in the morning

The alarm clock rings, the day begins. And they? Just don’t get out of bed. It’s too early to get up and they envy the late risers, who can now turn around again. When you finally make it, your mood is completely in the basement. Just ‘don’t talk to me yet’ is the motto. A very bad start to the day! How you can wake up better in the morning and get out of bed fresher, we show you with our tips.

Tip 1: The alarm clock

The natural enemy of the sleeping person is, of course, the alarm clock, unless they are an unusual case and as an early riser already awake before the alarm clock. According to the polls, hardly any noise is more loathed than the morning ringing.That’s why you should think carefully about how you want to be awakened. Perhaps short and painless, so by an abrupt and loud warning sign? Or would you rather be gentle and slow through the radio alarm clock, which starts a little earlier and then gets louder and louder? For very slow morning muffles, alarm clocks with automatic repetition function are suitable, whose wake-up intervals can be determined in advance in the evening.

Tip: Find a wake-up sound that you find particularly beautiful or funny. This makes it much easier to get up.

Tip 1: The wake-up time

If you have to get up early, you should not delay the point where you crawl out of bed for too long. You should therefore be awakened in such a way that you still have enough time for your morning care and for yourself. If you drink the coffee between the door and the fishing line in the morning, you will arrive at the workplace already stressed. Take the time to cover the breakfast table and have a meal or at least a hot drink in peace.

A splash f cold water helps to wake up better in the morning

Tip 2: Get fresh

An old saying goes: “Those who are wrinkled in the morning have time to unfold all day long”. However, bruised eyes and tired faces are not a particularly interesting sight. So start with the cruellest: cold water. The shock application makes our face shine abruptly and also cleanses the skin. It also speeds up the cycle. Generally speaking, those who care, also feel comfortable and step on the streets in a better mood and with more self-confidence than an unkempt person. So get to the washing bowl!

Tip 3: Treat yourself to something good

Whether a delicious chocolate croissant, a splash of the expensive favorite perfume or a quarter of an hour of cuddling with the pet: in the morning the soul should be looked after. Treat yourself to something beautiful every morning and take turns. Make yourself real little surprises so that the morning becomes a good morning. The harder you find it to get up, the more beautiful the surprises should be.

Tip 4: Think positive

Those who go into the day pessimistic, complain about getting up early and prefer to sleep better have the most difficult starting conditions. In the morning, focus on the last night with your partner or look forward to the aerobics course in the evening with your best friend. Don’t waste any thought on the phone bill, the miserable weather and the unbearable boss. Something like that has nothing to look for in our minds in the morning and only makes a bad mood.

Tip 5: Good sleep is the bottom line

Whether you are a night owl or an early riser, only with a healthy sleep will your morning be a good morning! In addition to the usual tips, you should also prepare yourself for sleeping in order to sleep better later. This could be, for example, a meditation in the evening, or a book of what you read before bed. 

However, those who are still hanging on their mobile phones just before falling asleep or watching an exciting film will not come to rest so quickly. In the worst case, this can lead to sleep problems and then explains the constant fatigue the next day and the bad mood after getting up. Therefore, try to listen to your body and consider its signs to sleep healthy.

If you get out of bed badly in the morning, you don’t have to put your head in the sand. There are ways and means for morning muffles to start the working day in a good mood despite getting up early. Try it. It’s worth it!