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How to make homemade skin tonic recipes

homemade skin tonic recipes

Why not make different skin tonics yourself for better products and savings? So you don’t always need to buy the expensive products to optimally care for your skin. Our guide will outline how to make homemade skin tonic recipes.

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Why create homemade skin tonic recipes?

Care products for allergy sufferers
More and more people are making their own toiletries. It’s not just because they want to save money. If you make such products yourself, you at least know what ingredients they contain. Especially for allergy sufferers and for people with very sensitive skin, it is therefore a good thing that they produce their own care products — including when they make homemade skin tonic recipes — because they no longer suffer from the preservatives contained in the bought products.

Skin irritation and rash
The problem with such creams, lotions, face masks,etc. is that they cause skin irritation in most people. So if you make homemade skin tonic recipes yourself, then you at least know that you don’t get a rash. It’s also great fun to make a skin tonic yourself. We would like to introduce you to some recipes that are easy. The ingredients for this, you can buy in the pharmacy.


  1. Homemade skin tonic recipes for oily skin: An effective, yet very gentle skin tonic against oily and impure skin should always consist of witch hazel water. So mix 80 ml witch hazel water with 20 ml of aloe vera juice. Now put this mixture in a vial. This face water is durable for about three to four weeks. The witch hazel heals inflammation and refines the pores. The juice of an aloe vera contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  2. Skin tonic for every skin type: Mix 2 tablespoons of fruit vinegar with 5 tablespoons of water and 4 tablespoons rose petals. Now let this mixture be pulled in a closed container for two weeks. Then pour this mixture through a sieve and pour the resulting face water into a vial.
  3. Skin tonic for every skin type: Heat 50 ml of rose water and add half a teaspoon of bee honey. Now you only need to add 50 ml of witch hazel water and 10 drops of chamomile incture. Allow the face water to cool, then pour it into a bottle.
  4. Skin tonic for dry, sensitive skin: For very dry and sensitive skin, a tonic of ring blossom tincture and rose water is recommended. Mix 90 ml of rose water with 100 ml marigold tincture. Put this mixture in a bottle.
  5. Noble tonic: If you want to make a really noble tonic, you should mix 30 ml of rose water, 30 ml of orange blossom water, 30 ml of hamamelis water, 15 ml of aloe vera juice and 10 drops of chamomile extract. This facial water not only smells wonderfully of oranges and roses, it cools and nourishes the skin.

If you want to try one of these homemade skin tonic recipes, you should always make only a small amount of it. Homemade skin tonic recipes can only be used for three to four weeks — because you are not putting harmful preservatives in them. You should always boil the vial into which you want to put the tonic beforehand, so that all bacteria and germs are killed. If you want to cleanse your skin with the homemade tonic, you should put a few drops on a cotton pad and rub your face and neck with it.

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