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How to make home remedies to cure dandruff

home remedies to cure dandruff

Dandruff is a really unpleasant thing. The scalp itches and everywhere are these little white bits of lint. Anti dandruff shampoo hardly helps. Our guide and tips outline how to make home remedies to cure dandruff.

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Dandruff is dead skin cellsthat are sanded while the scalp forms new cells. They are tiny and therefore do not really stand out. In some people, however, the scalp tends to shed large scales – these are then visible and are perceived as disturbing. The large skin scales usually arise because the scalp produces too much sebum. In some cases, however, they are also a symptom of a skin disease, such as psoriasis. In rare cases even for a serious illness.

Men are most likely to suffer from dandruff and its effects.

Anti dandruff shampoos usually do not help

But what helps against dandruff? A special anti dandruff shampoo could help with scalp itching. But if such a remedy has actually had an effect on you, you have been lucky. And certainly also spent a lot of money.  Easier to combat the dandruff and the associated dry scalp can be combated by trying out some home remedies.

9 home remedies to cure dandruff

Tip1: Egg yolk and lemon juice

Take an egg yolk and mix with lemon juice. Then you need to wash your hair as usual, let the mixture work a little and then rinse it out.

Tip 2: Lemon juice

However, you can also only add pure lemon juice to the scalp and hair. This juice not only helps against dandruff, but is also a great hair care .

Tip 3: Homemade hair water

Hair water also helps against dandruff! To do this, you need to collect nettles and pour them over with boiling fruit vinegar. Then let the whole thing cool down and pull for at least 10 minutes. Now you have to remove the nettles – and the hair water is ready against dandruff. For half a litre you need about a handful of nettle leaves. If you don’t have fresh nettle leaves at hand, you can also take dried leaves. If you are more prone to getting dandruff, then you should always accumulate a small supply in the summer.

Tip 4: Olive oil

To calm your damaged scalp, rub it with a little olive oil The oil is a good home remedy against dandruff. It moisturizes the scalp and it stops itching. In order for the olive oil to be able to do its job, you should let it work for a longer period of time. When you come home in the evening, you should apply the oil to the scalp and rinse before going to bed.

Tip 5: Natural yogurt

This also soothes the damaged scalp. Rub your scalp with the yogurt, let it work for a few minutes, then rinse it again.

Tip 6: Tea tree oil

Mix about 20 drops of tea tree oil into a mild shampoo, preferably in a natural shampoo, and wash your hair with it.

Tip 7: Zinc

Eat more zinc-containing foods. A lot of zinc is contained in oatmeal, fish and whole grains. If you’re on a diet right now, don’t be surprised you’ve got dandruff. The zinc shortage is to blame.

Tip 8: Water temperature

Basically, you should never wash your hair with hot water, but with lukewarm water.Before you wash your hair, you should comb it through. This removes the dandruff and rinses them from the scalp when washed.

Tip 9: Stop hairspray etc

If you use often and a lot of hairspray, hair gel or other means, then you should simply omit these products. You may also be allergic to one of these means.

So there are a lot of home remedies that can be used to combat dandruff. However, there is no guarantee that they will also help against your sheds. It’s definitely worth a try. However, if you do not find anything to alleviate your discomfort, it is advisable to consult a doctor.This can diagnose or rule out a possible disease and prescribe appropriate medications to help you get better quickly.

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