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How to remove chocolate stains from fabric

remove chocolate stains from fabric

Remove chocolate stains? That sounds easier than it is! But don’t worry. We have 5 tips to help you remove chocolate stains from fabric.

There are numerous stubborn stains

Stains are something terrible. Some are very easy to remove, but others are a bit more persistent. These include, for example, fat spots,rust spots, blood stains and spinach spots. But even chocolate stains can usually not even be removed with the help of the washing machine. It is particularly annoying if you only discover the chocolate stains when they have already dried and the chocolate residues are already crumbling. Anyone who has children in the house knows what we are talking about here, and how hard it then becomes to remove chocolate stains from fabric.

If you cook chocolate pudding and there are leftovers of the chocolate stuck in the pot, it is no problem to remove the chocolate stains. You can quickly make these remnants disappear by using the right water temperature. You put the dishes in the sink and let really hot water run on it. After that, you can easily remove the leftovers with a sponge.However, you should be careful, because you could scald at the hot water. Putting on gloves could therefore be useful here. Alternatively, you can naturally fill the pot with water and leave it standing for a while. Afterwards, it can also be cleaned easily.

Ways to remove chocolate stains from fabric

Freeing a pot of chocolate leftovers is all very simple. However, removing chocolate stains on table linen,clothing and room textiles is more difficult. Here you can’t just take a wet sponge to help. So if you have children in the house who love chocolate very much, then you should just stick to the following tips. With their help, chocolate stains are a thing of the past.

Tip 1: Scrape off with a knife

No matter on which tissue you have discovered the chocolate stains: once the chocolate has dried, you must first scratch it carefully with a knife.

Tip 2: Water and Borax

Chocolate stains on white fabrics such as linen or damask should be removed with the help of water and borax. Moisten the stain with cold water. Then add some borax to the stain. Then rinse with lukewarm water. If the dirty substance is a household towel, you should then wash it at the highest possible temperature. 

Tip 3: Milk

Immerse the dirty textile several times in lukewarm milk. Then rinse the stain with clear water.

Tip 4: Alum and alcohol Spirit

You can also treat the stain before the actual laundry in the machine with a mixture of ten tablespoons of water, half a teaspoon of alum and half a teaspoon of alcohol spirit. Before you put the textile in the laundry you should rinse the stain with soapy water.

Tip 5: Lemon juice

Chocolate stains can also be removed in the following ways: rub the stain with lukewarm soapy water, rinse with clear water and sprinkle the stain with lemon juice. After a short period of applying the effects, rinse everything again with clear water.

As you can see, it is also possible to remove unpleasant chocolate stains from clothing and textiles. Try it. Your laundry will soon shine again.

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