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How to make tea correctly

make tea correctly

Tea is very popular in our latitudes. Most of the time, you decide between coffee or tea in the morning. Many then drink tea as it contains less caffeine and is healthier. There are many occasions to drink tea. In winter it warms, Ginger tea helps to get fit again and in the summer you can conjure up a welcome cooling with iced tea. Our guide will outline how to make tea correctly and which are the best teapots to use for your favorite brew.

Tips to make tea correctly

There are enough teas: from sometimes not so tasty herbal teas to delicious fruit teas, to fennel tea or jasmine tea to green tea; not to mention the well-known and popular teas such as Darjeeling or Earl Grey. Also how to drink the tea is different. Some drink it without anything, the others with sugar, with lemon, with milk, with lemon and milk, without milk, without sugar – somehow just – the main thing, it tastes! But let’s get to the real problem you might have when drinking tea: cooking tea. How long does the tea have to last? Would you rather use a tea sieve or a tea egg? And do you need more tea making facilities?

Do not pour water directly onto the tea bag

You should think that you can’t do anything wrong when cooking tea – but you can! If you prepare your tea with a conventional tea bag and put it in the teacup beforehand and then pour the hot water on it, then you should not pour it directly on the tea bag. Due to the heat, it inflates and can burst. And you can throw the tea away. Better first put the water in the glass and then the bag. Here are a few things to keep in mind when cooking tea:


Soft water is best for making tea. If you have very hard or calcareous tap water, you can soften it with a water filter. If you do not want to buy a water filter, you can also brew your tea with low-carbon mineral water.

make tea correctly


Several cups of tea can be conjured with a teapot. Most of the time, the tea stays warm in it for longer.

The teapot should preferably be made of glass or porcelain if you want to make tea correctly. Metal pots are not suitable for brewing tea. It is also best to always use a special jug for cooking tea, in which you do not add any liquid other than tea. To ensure that the aroma of the tea is not affected, it is important that you do not wash out the jug with water and detergent. Clear water is sufficient to clean the teapot. Before cooking tea, however, you should still swivel out the jug with hot water.

Unlike the matter of teapot, the teacup can consist of any material. Of course, the drinking feeling from a beautiful ceramic cup is different from a metal cup. It is best to make sure that your vessel has a holder. Many underestimate the rapid risk of burning, it is better not to touch the hot vessel by a handle, so you can enjoy your tea most relaxed

Quantity of tea

You can find out how much tea is required for a teacup from the packaging. Here, however, it is always important to taste your own taste and the type of tea, if you want to make tea correctly. The so-called powdered tea, for example, is much more productive than leaf tea.

Loose teas or tea bags?

Whether you prefer to drink loose teas or teas from tea bags is a matter of taste. If you want to live a little more environmentally friendly,you should buy loose tea and brew it with a tea sieve. Tea bags sometimes have metal in the tea plate; you should not throw them into the organic waste.
Otherwise, the dosage of loose teas is a little more accurate and usually a little more productive.

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Drawing time

The drawing time can be taken from the packaging. Nevertheless, here are a few small tips on how you can influence the taste and positive properties of the teas through the drawing time:

  • Let the black and green tea brew for two to three minutes. Then the tea has a stimulating effect. If it is to be soothing, you should let the tea draw for five minutes. In this case, however, always take only 2/3 of the tea quantity, otherwise the tea can become very bitter.
  • Basically, you can influence the intensity of the teas themselves. Let the tea last for a short time, then it tastes very mild. Let it pull for a long time, then it tastes very intense and usually also bitter.
  • Tea varieties containing essential oils should always be covered when pulling. This allows you to prevent the valuable essential oils from evaporating.
  • If you brew special teas such as green tea or matchatee, you must pay attention to the degree number of water. Most of the time, 80°C is enough, 100 °C would destroy the vitamin C in the tea.

As you can see, there are many different ways to enjoy his tea. Now it’s your turn, if you’re back in the kitchen the next morning and wondering if you’d rather have coffee or tea, grab a tea box. And if the old tea always reminds you only of illness? Then visit a special tea shop,such as the tea sledder. There you can get advice, test new, delicious combination and find exactly your taste. When you cook your new favorite tea again in the morning, you create a little moment of peace and happiness!

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