How to develop a business idea

develop a business idea

You can probably get a lot more out of your business idea than you think. With a bit of guidance and the right questions, you can develop a business idea and make your startup even better and more unique. Guaranteed!

Questions to help develop a business idea

The following questions can serve as a guide for you, but you may think of more. Write down all the answers, no matter how unrealistic and absurd they seem to you! The evaluation is only carried out in the next step.

  • Who else could benefit from your idea? What else could you use them for?
  • What could you omit to better solve the problem?
  • What could you add to better solve the problem?
  • What could you change to better solve the problem?

Choose the two or three variants you like best. Take them with you on your way to building the business foundation and build them into complete business models.

The problem is that many founders are content with an idea that is too general or vague. Others, on the other hand, settle down too early and get into something that doesn’t work at all. So that this doesn’t happen to you, you should consciously change perspective and look at your idea again with a different look.


An example makes it clear what we mean by this: Let’s say you want to open a hair salon. A good idea. It gets even better when you think about how you could make the visit to the hairdresser even more enjoyable for your customers. Ask yourself what your clientele is all about. Of course, it’s all about haircuts. But what else? 

Some salon guests may be looking forward to the personal conversation, others to a relaxed break. Some enjoy the feeling of being pampered all around, others prefer to save time and money and take over the blow-drying themselves. Some prepare for a party with a visit to the hairdresser, others for a job interview. Some attach importance to natural hair care, others to a child-friendly atmosphere.

You see, there are many reasons for a visit to the hairdresser and therefore also many extra attracting factors for the idea of opening a hairdresser’s salon:

IdeaExtra factors
Hairdresser’s salon Social contacts and personal contact
Save time and money
Preparing for a special occasion
Natural hair care

Unique aspects of business models can be developed from every extra factor. One of these could be the meditative wellness salon, where stressed office people not only get a new haircut, but can also recharge their batteries at the same time. Another would be a kind of family self-help hairdresser, where parents can learn to cut their children’s hair themselves under expert guidance and with professional tools.

There are different attractants for each idea! To discover them, you don’t have to be a genius. It is enough if you are curious and do not immediately confuse even curious solutions. 

Of course, there are many other methods for developing ideas, but start with them. You’ll be surprised how many undiscovered opportunities are in your business idea!

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