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How to make a noticeboard easily

make a noticeboard easily

Does it look a bit chaotic at home because there are so many pieces of paper lying around? You can eliminate the mess when you make a noticeboard easily using our guide and tips.

1. Make a noticeboard easily

It is usually the case that you make an important note on a small piece of paper. The problem with this is that you put this note somewhere and then you can’t find it. That is always very annoying. This can’t happen to you any more if you make a noticeboard easily with our guide. A noticeboard is not only an accessory in an office or home, it also reminds you of the many important things that you must not forget. This is a really useful reminder. But not only important notes, but also photos and postcards always find a place on the wall.

2. Individual Wall

Boards can be purchased in a wide variety of shapes, colours and materials. Cork boards are often not cheap and don’t always keep what they promise. Metal magnetic boards are more stable, but even more expensive. So why not just make your own, very individual wall? It’s not even that hard. You just have to think carefully about what your wall looks like and what material it should be made of. We would like to introduce you to some ideas for different boards.

3. Making your own wall – 6 tips

  1. For a simple wall, all you need is a few corks or – if you wish – cork underlay for glasses coasters etc. You can cut the corks into slices about 1 cm thick and attach them to a wooden board with a small nail or glue. The advantage: all this does not have to be related, but can be installed wherever there is space. It works the same way with cork coasters. Again, the parts do not have to be completely surfaced, but can be distributed over a larger wall. This often looks better than conventional boards with the obligatory wooden frame, because the scope for design is quite large.
  2. Also suitable are extra cork tiles, which are otherwise used to cover walls or floors. Simply attach to the wall with four small nails and you have already made your own cheap wall with just a few simple steps. Of course, you can also upgrade these cork tiles in terms of design.
  3. If you like it a little more accurate, then you can also encompose the cork plate in a wooden picture frame. Cut the cork plate so that it fits exactly into the frame. Now take a chipboard of the same size and stick the cork plate on it. Glue the resulting plate to the frame. Finished. Of course, you can also beautify this wall to your heart’s content. For example, you can paint the picture frame with acrylic paint. You can also cover the cork plate with fabric. You then have to fix it on the back with tacker needles. Just take the back of a pair of denim pants. So you also have a few small pockets on your wall, in which you can store something.
  4. A magnetic wall also looks very nice. All you have to do is get a galvanized iron plate from the hardware store. After you have designed this plate at will, e.g. with spray paint, you can attach the plate to the wall. This is the simple version.
  5. Of course, you can also spice up your magnetic board a bit. Take a picture frame and place a beautiful poster, pictures or photos on the acrylic disc of the picture frame. Now attach the metal plate to the back wall of the picture frame. You must then attach the back panel to the picture frame with the metal plate. It is best to use a lot of hot glue and adhesive strips. After all, the back wall is now quite heavy. Before hanging, make sure that the back wall of the picture frame is actually holding. Now you only have to attach the magnetic panel to the wall.
  6. You can also buy special magnetic paints at the hardware store. With such a color you only have to paint a certain area on the wall and already adhere magnets to the wall.

Whether you opt for a magnetic panel or a cork wall , you also have to design the respective fastening elements to suit. Just let your creativity run wild. You can really use a wide variety of materials to make a wall.