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How to build a photography studio

build a photography studio

Photos are always a nice gift idea for grandma and grandpa, but go right into the wallet with an expensive photographer. If you don’t want to spend so much money on professional pictures, or you want to dabble in making your camera hobby an income-earner our guide will show how to build a photography studio at home.

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A simple digital camera is sufficient
Do you like to take pictures? Then you are certainly also a real hobby photographer, who is not too proud to kneel in the wet foliage for a nice image. By photographing, you not only train your eyes, you perceive some things in a completely different way than people who don’t take pictures. In addition, as a hobby photographer, you usually pay much more attention to details. Many take the photos with a professional SLR camera, which costs a lot of money. For home use, however, a simple digital camera is sufficient.

Try something new
If you want to try something new and don’t always want to take pictures of landscapes, flowers or other natural pictures, you can let your creativity run wild in your own photo studio. In such a photo studio, for example, you can easily take family photos yourself. So you don’t have to drag your family to the next photographer in the city to have a reasonable family photo taken. Just give it a try. Build your own photo studio. We have written a little guide for you on how to build a photography studio.

Build a photography studio – step by step instructions

  1. First of all, you should look for a room that has no windows and in which you can unfold freely. If you can’t find a room without a window, you should darken it. The room should also be large enough to give you enough space to set up your props. If possible, remove images from the walls. In addition, the room should have a neutral paint job so that the images do not get a color cast.
  2. If you have created enough space, you can start arranging the background. For the background you can use background boxes or a fabric curtain. A perfect background is quickly self-made. If you have room for it, you can simply hang a telescopic shower bar in the room and hang a nice curtain over it. Alternatively, a height-adjustable clothes rack fulfils its purpose. A green box (bright green curtain) has the advantage that you can edit the pictures on the PC afterwards and insert any background you like. Just make sure that the fabric is not too thin and does not reflect. You must also make sure that the background is large enough so that the edges are not visible in the photo later.
  3. The most difficult aspect is the light, which usually also decides on the quality of the images. You don’t have to buy expensive headlights from the photo retailer, there are also construction spotlights from the diy market. It’s important to have enough lights to get you, so you don’t have to go looking for another light during the shoot. If you want to dampen the strong light of the construction spotlights, then you should use a so-called diffuser. You can build it yourself. Just take a white umbrella and attach it to the tripod of the spotlight. This serves its purpose perfectly.
  4. As you can see you need a lot of sockets. Many light sources usually also provide a true cable salad on the floor. All the cables should not be left on the ground like this. Otherwise, there is a risk that you might stumble.
  5. It’s best to set up a small table in your photo studio. On these you can then store everything you need during a shoot. So you always have everything at your fingertips.

Now it’s time to start. Now you can finally let your creativity run wild. Sure, you’ll have to try it around for a while until the light is set as you want it to be, but that’s what photography is all about – experimenting. If you’ve got a bit of inspiration, you’ll really enjoy your own photo studio.