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How to burglar proof windows and doors

burglar proof windows and doors

Often, windows and window doors on the ground floor are the entrance to the house for burglars. This is why effective burglary protection in the form of a window theft deterrent is important to burglar proof windows and doors. We show you five systems, many of which can be retrofitted without any problems.

Since many burglaries take place through ground floor windows and window doors, burglary protection for windows is first and for all the basis for effective protection against intruders. Various burglar-resistant window locks are available. Depending on the window system, both the closing and hinge sides can be secured with one or more products. If a window swap is on the plan, it is recommended to install a window system that meets today’s security standards. Retrofitting burglary protection for the windows is usually possible without any problems.

However, it is not easy to keep track of the wide range of products in the safety technology segment. Specialist dealers and police advice centres will be happy to assist you.

Burglar proof windows and doors: 5 ways

1. Window tilt: Easily retrofitted

Window tilt lock

You can retrofit a so-called window tilt stopper without any problems. It ensures maximum safety even when the window is tilted or the patio door is tilted.

2. Double-winged locks

Double-winged locks

Double-wing locks protect both window doors with a central bar and windows with double wings. Due to the massive swivel bar, both window sashes are locked at the same time.

3. Burglar-resistant window glass

burglar proof windows and doors

A burglar-resistant window glass further complicates the attempt to break in. Depending on the requirements, single-pane safety glass (ESG) or laminated safety glass (VSG) is used.

A tough-elastic film in the composite safety glass, for example, holds the shards and makes a crackdown almost impossible.

4. Window bar lock

burglar proof windows and doors

Windows and window doors can be secured retrospectively with a window bar lock. The window handle is used to operate safety bars that lock into two locking points.

A magnetic field sensor monitors the window and triggers a loud alarm signal during a burglary attempt.

5. Window handle lock with loud alarm

burglar proof windows and doors

A window handle lock with integrated alarm function does double duty: While the lock resists the attack mechanically, the 110 decibel loud signal of the integrated alarm function deters the burglar and encourages him to flee the scene.

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Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.