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How to build a sideboard on wheels

build a sideboard on wheels

If you live in small rooms, you have to make the most with every inch. In this sideboard on wheels you can store a lot of utensils. Due to the rollers, it is very flexible. Our step-by-step guide shows how to build a sideboard on wheels.

At a glance, you can see how variable the rolling boxes can be used. Whether as a sideboard, partition or in a double pack – the furniture always makes a good figure. The lower compartments have a height of 33 cm, so that large-format books or standing folders can also be accommodated. These roller shelves could also become a useful employee in the home office.

Vibrant colours are trendy, especially red. But it is not only the cheerful tone that makes the shelves an eye-catcher, but also the practical value of mobile furniture. You can place it on the wall as a sideboard in two versions, use it as a room divider between the living and dining areas or place it as a cube. With a twist, the shelves can be adapted to any room situation.

The highlight are the high-gloss panels, which specify the size of the furniture (99 cm wide, 76 cm high). These actual top pieces for wall cabinets can be purchased individually from Ikea. They frame the white interior of coated chipboard. The rollers increase the shelf by 10 cm. With them, the furniture can be moved well on smooth floors even when loaded, without tipping.

Step by step to mobile storage space

To build a sideboard on wheels, you can either cut the walls and shelves made of coated chipboard yourself or have them done in the DIY store. In total, you need 15 shelves of 40 x 120 cm. The dimensions of the individual plates can be found in the drawing below. 

When making the shelves, it is important that the width size is correct, otherwise re-cutting will be needed. Support boards (chipboard or MDF) facilitate work and ensure inertness and parallelism. If the inner shelving body is built, it is covered with the red top sides. A nice detail: The red frame jumps out at the front or backs around a plate thickness, i.e. 16 mm. A little trick with great effect. This makes mobile furniture a one-of-a-kind.

Sketch with dimensions

Depending on the use of the furniture, when you build a sideboard on wheels, you can change the installation height of the individual shelves. 

Build a sideboard on wheels: Instructions

build a sideboard on wheels

After cutting the shelves, the edge strips are ironed on. However, only on the edges that remain visible later. Press the edge strips on well with the cork sanding block.

build a sideboard on wheels

Eliminate the overhangs with a chisel iron or edge cutter. Then easily break the edges (with 120 sandpaper).

build a sideboard on wheels

Draw the positions of the side walls and drilling points of the screw holes on a bottom shelf. The wooden block, drilled in the drill stand, now ensures vertical holes with 4 mm diameter for the 3.5 x 40 mm screws.

build a sideboard on wheels

Now this plate serves as a drilling template for the other three plates.

build a sideboard on wheels

Screw the side wall to the front or rear panel. The screw heads are covered by shelves. During installation, the base plate serves as a flat base.

build a sideboard on wheels

Before the shelves are done, place them on the substrate, place the central and outer walls and align all parts flush with the underbody.

build a sideboard on wheels

Align, fix and screw the middle wall flush. Here, too, the support plates ensure the exact distance.

Now the shelves can be screwed between the front or rear wall.

Two shelves are fitted to the central wall. The drill points are marked by imprints of the dowel markers. Drill and glue the plugs (8 mm).

The glued dowel connection is clamped. Wood pieces as clamping buffers protect the plate edges.

When screwing on the top and underbody, fix flush with the side walls.

The outer body walls and the top floor are drilled for screw mounting of the top sides. The lateral piece is aligned with 16 mm MDF plate pieces. Screw inside.

The other three sides are aligned, fixed and screwed together accordingly.

The furniture wheels are screwed on. During assembly, pre-drill screw holes and observe depth limitation.

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Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.