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How to make an easy casual updo yourself

make an easy casual updo

Say goodbye to the boring ponytail and bun! We’ll show you step-by-step how to make an easy casual updo yourself.

Too elaborate, too complicated, too old-fashioned: An updo sometimes has to put up with a lot of prejudices. Yes, updos do exist for which even a hairdresser needs hours, or the famous tight bun, which likes to make us look older. But it is also quite different: From half-up hairstyles in boho style to casual hair updo with star factor … There are numerous bun trends , which can vary depending on taste and occasion. 

The alternative to the classic bun hairstyle are updos, which succeed with a few simple steps and look casual and stylish. You will see: With the right instructions and a few hands-on tips, this is a breeze. We’ll show you step by step how to lift your hair and style a casual updo yourself perfectly. 

Tip: For the updo to work, you should put all the utensils you need at hand. Especially practical: Styling sets that contain everything you need. From invisible hair ties, to bun and volume pillows that make your updo look even better, it’s all there. 

Make an easy casual updo: preparation

So that you can achieve a nice result, here are a few practical tips for you: 

1. For this updo to succeed, your hair should be a little longer than to the shoulders. 

2. Ideally, the hair is not freshly washed – because then its surface is too smooth to hold pinned well. 

3. If your hair is naturally very smooth, you can resort to clever styling aids such as volume powder or styling spray. They make the hair smoother and give it even more stand on the neck. 

4. The casual updo looks especially full of curls. Those who are not blessed with natural curls can, for example, have the hair dried on large curlers after washing or curl the lengths with a curling iron. In addition, you need for this casual updo:

  • a hairbrush
  • Hair spray for the finish
  • 2 hair ties
  • hairpins

Updo in 5 steps:

make an easy casual updo

1st step: separated ponytail

Falling over the forehead, leave a few fine strands of hair. Later they will play around the face and give the look its casualness. Tie the remaining hair to a ponytail at the back of the head. The ponytail should sit exactly in the middle between the highest point of the back of the head and the neck. Tip: The thinner the hair tie, the better. It should not be seen at the finished updo. Ideal are transparent hair elastics or those whose color corresponds to the natural hair color. 

2nd step: twist the ponytail and increase the volume

Then turn the ponytail slightly around the longitudinal axis. Fix the rotation by adding a transparent hair tie in the lower third of the ponytail. As a result, the updo looks later voluminous and at the same time beautifully compact.

3rd step: put up your hair

Pin the hair at the back of the head

Now the ponytail becomes a casual updo: Lift the ponytail upwards. Then fix it above the top hair tie with one or more hairpins.

Step 4: Put the front of the hair back

Now the front end comes into play: Make a side parting to split the strands. Take a strand backwards and place it around the top hair tie. Lock the strands with one, or two hairpins.

Make an easy casual updo yourself: fix with styling products

Step 5: Fix the look with styling products

In the end, the finish comes: Put some hair wax or styling cream into the palms, rub them and then pluck the loose tips front and back in shape. Spray from a distance of 20 centimeters a fine mist of hair spray on your finished updo – that fixes and smoothes protruding hairs. Finished! 

We think: These casual updo is the perfect hairstyling for days when our hair just do not want to lie or to which we have no time or desire to wash your hair have. Tip: A colorful hair band or cloth protects the hair from the sun and makes the Look for the perfect beach hairstyle.

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Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.