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How to upcycle suitcases into furniture

upcycle suitcases into furniture

With their retro charm, old suitcases are in demand among trend-conscious travellers. But when you’ve run out, they don’t have to end up in the trash. Because with suitcases you can make great furniture. We have put together four creative upcycling ideas for you to upcycle suitcases into furniture.

Old suitcases are as safe to find at flea markets as tapestry. You may also find one or two of these heavy but kitschy-beautiful parts in the attic to upcycle.

We asked all our DIY contacts, and gathered some great ideas on how to breathe a second life back into the old travel companions by simply upcycling.

With a little skill, you can make a mobile speaker. It is easy to turn a suitcase into a shelf drawer or completely as a wall shelf. The combination of side table and armchair is a little more elaborate, but easy for experienced do-it-yourselfers to do in one day.

Upcycle suitcases into furniture: 4 ideas

Suitcase radio: Music to go (pictured above)

Sound case: For good sound, speakers need a sound body. A suitcase (not hard shell) is excellent for this. 

All you need are simple broadband speakers (from about 10 euros) or tweeters and midrange drivers as in our example, a small auto-amplifier that absorbs little power, a 12 V battery (about 16 euros for a lead-gel battery with 4 Ah) and of course a suitable one Cable for the MP3 player.

Reading corner: side table and armchair made of suitcase

Original: With table legs from the junk shop and wooden strips for reinforcement, you can transform two suitcases into a stool side table combo. 

The floors are reinforced from below with a wooden plate, so that the chair legs can also be screwed. With L-shaped metal angles and wooden strips, the backrest of the chair can be fixed.

Suitcase drawer on the open shelf

Practical and unique: A worn-out suitcase works wonderfully as a shelf drawer. 

There are several options here: Ideally, you already have an open shelf,into which a suitcase without a lid fits. Most of the time, however, sideboards or shelves are not as deep as a whole suitcase. In this case, simply take your multitool at hand and shorten the suitcase drawer accordingly.

So that nothing slips out at the back, secure the back again with a sewn fabric belt or a screwed bar. Alternatively, you can of course also build a simple shelf with open compartments and design them in colour to match the suitcases.

Wall shelves: books or bar?

Wall shelf in a different way: These examples show that a suitcase also makes a good figure on the wall. 

The metal transport box received only an intermediate floor made of grey lacquered wood and a colour highlight sprayed with neon paint and stencil, and it could already be encased on the wall.

A little more preparation is necessary for the minibar: First, the suitcase needs a frame, which is fitted into the inside of the bottom. This gives the suitcase stability and carries the bottles inside.

A wooden strip with notches serves as a wine glass holder. The lower floor is designed at the height of the suitcase, so that even bulbous bottles can be accommodated. A narrow bottom in the upper part of the lid provides space for accessories such as shakers and measuring cups.

Fabric straps or straps provide the necessary support. Such a shelf can also be equipped, for example, as a make-up place or DVD holder.

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