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How to create a stylish vintage wedding

create a stylish vintage wedding

The wedding season is in full swing and maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can think about the most beautiful day in their lives. In addition to the traditional fairytale wedding, more and more couples are opting for a vintage-style wedding. If you also want to incorporate the vintage charm of days gone by into your most beautiful day, we have summarized for you the most important points to create a stylish vintage wedding.

Create a stylish vintage wedding: retro cards

Sure, the planning for a dream wedding does not start on the big day itself, but also before that there are some things to do. What is simply part of the perfect vintage wedding are invitation cards in the right style. You can be inspired by everything that somehow evokes memories of past eras. Popular decorative elements include lace, Polaroid photos, images in sepia, and used-look map material. In this case, you should rather do without bright colours. For the photo on the invitation cards, it’s best to slip into matching clothes with your loved one that reflect the decade you’d like to represent. This seems particularly authentic and of course cries out for vintage.

Vintage decor

create a stylish vintage wedding

Oh, what would a wedding be without decoration? Not much, because the right decoration must not be missing at a perfect wedding. Especially on this point you can live out great in the vintage area without having to spend a lot of money on it. Because one thing is clear: for a stylish vintage wedding, you don’t need to buy much decoration at all. With old suitcases, picture frames, vases or lamps, for example, you create a very special flair that would not be possible with new elements. In addition, a vintage-style decoration does not require all tables to be decorated with the same decoration. It is precisely the different elements that lend the location this unique vintage charm. Just let your imagination run wild and relive old things. When it comes to flower decorations, green tones and plants with muted colours such as white or beige are particularly suitable, because too many bright colours do not radiate this stylish vintage charm. If you still lack great inspirations around the theme of vintage wedding, just check with us on Pinterest, there you will find super many decoration and outfit ideas.

Create a stylish vintage wedding: the dress

The wedding dress is for many brides the most important essential for a successful wedding. If you don’t feel comfortable with your dress, even the most touching ceremony, the most beautiful location, the most amazing decoration and the most atmospheric guests can not make this one day perfect. That’s why when choosing your wedding dress, it’s always important: You have to like it and you have to feel comfortable and not the consultant or your girlfriends. If you choose a vintage-style wedding dress, you can of course also resort to secondhand dresses, which not only relieve your wallet, but embody exactly what you are looking for as original vintage pieces. But if you are not a fan of used wedding dresses, you can of course also fall back on new dresses, because especially in vintage style there are currently super many beautiful models. If you don’t want to give up on the real vintage charm, you should tend to have a dream of lace rather than tulle and large, massive skirts. At the moment, dresses with a wide back neckline are also particularly popular, because one thing is certain, a beautiful back can of course always delight.

The right location

The appropriate decoration is one thing, but it should of course also be integrated into the suitable location. Totally suitable for a vintage wedding are feral gardens with lots of flower decorations. However, it is always the case that the weather has to play along, so always consider a plan B as you can make the stay as nice as possible in case of rainfall. But also indoors there are numerous possibilities for a vintage wedding. Old barns or greenhouses, for example, are just as much a great location by the lake or sea. Many newlyweds are of course also dependent on a region in terms of location, so simply inform you about cool localities in the region or talk to photographers, friends or work colleagues, because they often also have an exclusive insider tip. ready for you.

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Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.