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How to cull and organize your wardrobe

cull and organize your wardrobe

The cupboard is full, there are no new clothes hangers on your clothes rail and it is time to get rid of some parts again? Easier said than done. Usually seldom worn parts end up in the closet again and you think: “At some point I will put it on again …”. It almost certainly has each of us stuff in the closet, which he has not worn for years and we are honest – and will never wear again. So you could already free up space for new clothes.  We show how to cull and organize your wardrobe.

Cull and organize your wardrobe: make room with your heart

First of all, congratulations! You managed to separate yourself from a few parts, but you still do not want to throw them away, but would like to help others? Our tip: Donate them to a good cause. There will be thrift shops near you that sell the clothes to support charities. Take your clothes to them. There is also the movement “Make space with heart”, which is sponsored by the luxury brand Hermes. You can pack your clothes in a package without much effort and send them free via Hermes. So the action offers a great way to make you and others happy.  Aid organizations can use your donation to support social and environmental projects. Simply print out the parcel label, send the package with the clothes, and you’re done! 

Would you like to donate differently or would you rather sell your clothes? How about flea markets, file sharing or second-hand shops where you get commission on the selling of your clothes? You can also do good in this way and make room in the closet, for example by donating part of the proceeds to an organization of your choice.

You want to keep it, but you need a change?

You’re hanging on to one of your favorite pieces, but can not wear it anymore? How about upcycling? When upcycling you can upgrade all clothing at will (what the word up already suggests). How about, for example, a jeans pocket, a short instead of a long jeans, or decorated tops, which previously lacked that certain something. There are many different ways to do what you can do with your old clothes, we’ve come up with some suggestions:

  1. Jeans = handbag, bag, bag
  2. Long pants = short pants
  3. T-Shirt = Top (decorated with lace)
  4. T-shirt = backless T-shirt (with lace, bows or decorated differently)
  5. Toe sandals = embellished (with buttons, cloths, glitter etc.)
  6. Sweater = gloves, cap
  7. Old shells = patchwork blanket

Cull and organize your wardrobe: 5 tips

You could part with a few parts, upgraded your favorite parts and donated the rest. But now it’s time again. So that you can use your place in the wardrobe effectively, we have put together a few tips for you, how to organize your wardrobe. So it stays neat in it until the next mucking out.

Tip # 1: Equip drawers with separating baskets

Our first tip that really works wonders: Use separating baskets to stow socks, underwear, towels, shoes or other trifles. In this way, the small parts remain in their intended place. If you want to store not only clothes, but also jewelry in your closet, then you can also store jewelery boxes in your drawers. Alternatively, you could put hooks on the inside of your closet to hang your jewelry. The advantage is not only the clarity, but chains do not knot.

Tip # 2: Use space-saving hangers

Ever heard of multiple hangers? These are available in many furniture stores to buy. or you attach several hanger together to hang more clothes on a clothes rail. How do you do that best? You can simply hang a can closure around the neck of one hanger and into the eyelet the second hanger. So you can save a lot of space and do not have to spend money on your multiple hangers.

cull and organize your wardrobe

Tip # 3: Keep scarves and shawls on the hanger

To cull and organize your wardrobe continues with our space-saving measures. It says: Her with the scarves! To create more space and at the same time order in your drawers, you can keep towels and scarves on hangers.

I also like to use clothespins and fix so the towels on the hanger. If you do not have clothespins on hand, you can also knot the shawls or scarves as an alternative to the hanger.

Now that you have made room, you can continue with the order. Do you often worry about your scarves lying around wildly? Then you can easily make your own storage. For this you only need a hanger and shower curtain rings. Alternatively, you can also use clothespins. Now you have all your scarves in view! The whole thing you can do with belts and tops or men with their ties.

Tip # 4: Use a vacuum bag for storage

Unfortunately, they will soon be unpacked again: the winter jackets. You will not need summer clothes and shorts in the wardrobe for the next six months. With the help of vacuum bags, you can save the season’s fashion in a space-saving way!

A vacuum bag has a zipper and a small round lid on the top, through which the air is sucked. The bags are available in various sizes online or at the drugstore. You can store clothes or bedding that you are not using. So you pick out clothes that you can use again in the next few seasons and fold them into small piles. Place the garments in order in the bag so that the bag lies flat on one side; the round lid should be visible on the top. Make sure that you do not make the clothes stack too high: If the vacuum bag is too full, the clothes could additionally crumple.

Once you’ve stashed your clothes in the bag, close the zipper. Now you need the vacuum cleaner to suck the air. To do this, unscrew the round lid and suck the air out of the vacuum bag with the vacuum cleaner. If there is no air left in it, you close the screw cap.

A tip from me: Label your clothes bag by putting a note in the bag, for example. So you see at first glance which garments you have stowed away.

Tip # 5: Reward order in the wardrobe

Motivation is everything! At the beginning of the mucking out, consider how you can reward yourself for the order in the closet. Treat yourself to a spa, or a special event or meal. You’ve earned it!

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Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.