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How to use voice search to boost your business

use voice search to boost your business

Digital language assistants play an ever-increasing role in our everyday lives. Already 36 percent of people daily use Alexa, Siri, the Google Assistant and etc. According to many experts, this digital speech recognition is therefore the future. But in the rarest cases, people use the language assistant for buying goods and services. This so-called ‘Voice Commerce‘ offers not only convenience but also new shopping for the consumer. Our guide outlines how to use voice search to boost your business.

The importance of voice commerce for online business

Since voice searches often ask complete questions, voice commerce plays a crucial role in search engine optimization . The classical search for keywords is accordingly supplemented or even replaced by complete sentences. – But digital voice assistant can not only help with the initial search for a product. Also in terms of customer communications and shipping options, Alexa etc can directly answer questions such as “When will my package arrive?” The only requirement for this is that online retailers control the communication themselves and do not transfer it to external service providers.

Where voice search is already used for business

use voice search to boost your business

   Shopping with Amazon’s “Alexa”:

Amazon Prime membership allows Amazon purchases to be conveniently made by voice and sent at no extra cost via the language assistant “Alexa”. Here, Alexa can also track the order and report on its status. In principle, all products can be ordered that can be delivered with Amazon Prime shipping. If the user does not name a product brand, Alexa suggests a product from the Amazon’s Choice category. This is a product favored by Amazon, which is not always the cheapest. Exact details of the product are accordingly important when ordering by voice command.

   Order pizza with Domino’s:

Even Domino’s has been using a voice assistant named “Dom”. With the pizza supply chain you can order your pizza with the help of Amazon’s Alexa, after registering online in advance.

  Banking by voice command with Comdirect:

Comdirect is the first bank in Germany, which allows transfers via Google Assistant. Accordingly, the user can make by voice command transfers and query the personal account balance. Important to know: The so-called voice banking does not pass on any data to Google and thus protects the security of consumers.

   Secure offers with Transactions on Google:

Transactions on Google has been on the market for some time. Here, a direct checkout in Google Assistant is possible. In addition to reading the current offers, the language assistant offers the function of providing more information about individual products and, if the user has already deposited his address and account data, to execute the order directly. In less than a minute, the purchase is completed by voice command.

   Make language purchases with Rewe?

Rewe digital has launched the voice assistant “Caro” on the market. Caro is a smart cooking aid that provides the user with cooking inspiration, searches for recipes, reads out ingredient lists and accompanies them through the individual preparation steps.  The voice assistant can be used on all Google Home devices and smartphones. The only downside: The way to the supermarket is not enough. Unfortunately, the required products can not yet be ordered directly from Caro in the sense of Voice Commerce.

Use voice search to boost your business: benefits for retailers and end users

Imagine, your Smart Assistant knows your favorite restaurant, the menu that you ordered there last and all your special wishes. If this is the case then ordering via voice commerce will be a relief in everyday life for you as a customer. You could also improve your loyalty to your grocer by, for example, ordering a delivery by voice each month. For consumers, Voice Commerce can be a great relief!

The opportunity for customers to contact a dealer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but above all gives you as a dealer the chance of better sales advice. In this way, you can answer many customer service requests faster and easier and thus optimize your customer loyalty.

Difficulties and risks of voice commerce

Today, unfortunately, voice commerce is only suitable for a few shopping situations: The customer must know exactly which product he wants to buy in which execution and at what time. In addition, the use of voice commerce in complex orders, which are associated with many queries of the language assistant, can be very time consuming. Added to this are consumer privacy concerns . Above all, the fear of a possible interception and saving of the voice commands by the device plays a major role in the consumer.  Another limitation is that the haptic and visual shopping experience is missing. Products cannot be looked at, tried and touched.

Use voice search to boost your business: conclusion

Voice Commerce can be used in a wide variety of fields, but is usually still in its infancy. Ordering via the language assistant is easy and time-saving, especially with repetitive product purchases such as ordering food, and customer communication can also be handled via the language assistant. We are curious what will happen in this area in the future.

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