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How to style biker boots with your wardrobe

style biker boots

Chunky biker boots with a grippy sole are currently the most sought-after shoes in the fashion scene. This is how to style biker boots with your wardrobe.

Everywhere you look – there is a very specific pair of shoes that you just can not get past. And that’s not only ultra stylish, but also perfect for cold autumn and winter days. We mean, of course, rugged biker boots.

What makes the trend shoes? They are tough, come up over the ankle, have a rough outsole and give our look one thing above all: a good dose of coolness. And they are still comfortable! 

The boots, which originally came from the motorcycle scene (hence the name), look particularly rocky with scuffed leather, studs or buckle adornments. And if you want to see something different than classic black this season, then look no further than fashionable models in wine red, metallic and white or patent leather boots. But what fits in with Biker Boots? We’ll show you cool ways you can combine the boots.

Biker boots with lacing are the must-have

Instagram bloggers are currently obsessed with rugged lace-up boots styling them into loose boho dresses, comfy mom jeans, or lace-skinned skirts. The hype about the laced shoes was probably created not least by the mega comeback of Dr Martens

However, laces of other biker boots differ – as the name already suggests – only in that they have a lacing on the shoe front. Additional metal buckles are of course allowed, but the typical lacing should always remain visible.

Styling possibilities: You can combine biker boots in a different way

Biker boots are massive and robust and look extremely rocky and cool due to their thick outsole and the sometimes hard details. But the rough shoes can not only be casual, but also look super feminine and noble. And that is exactly what makes the Biker Boots so special: its infinite styling variety!

Style biker boots with feminine fabrics

You can not style these boots in a feminine way? Rubbish! Because the utility-style shoes look best in style mix to girlish dresses and skirts. The opposing pieces make for a mega-style mix and relax the hard biker look immediately.

The look is particularly good if you use materials that are in contrast to the Biker Boots in your styling. Fashion pros like to combine their biker boots with dresses and skirts made of flowing silk, chiffon, lace, soft knit or velvet. Even organza and jacquard go well with the leather boots. 

If you want to create a particularly rough break, you should combine a dress with ruffles, delicate pastel shades like pink and lilac, bright white or girlish floral patterns to the trendy shoes.

Style biker boots elegantly

That’s a bit of a challenge, but with the right combination parts, the tough boots are even businesslike. For the elegant look, you should opt for a simpler model of patent leather, preferably without a lot of bells and whistles like buckles or rivets. Also, if the boots have a less massive sole and are a little slimmer, so much the better. 

For example, you can easily combine the shoes into a midi skirt, a classic blouse or a turtleneck and a stylish blazer coat. Stay in mono color (best is black and white) and choose simple and high-quality pieces. In addition, your shoes should of course be cleaned and not look worn.

Style with jeans

Jeans and Biker Boots? Does not sound hip right now. Rather pretty boring. But jeans and boots can, properly styled, look quite exciting.

Which jeans are suitable for the Biker Boots look? 

Slim skinny jeans, which narrow downwards, are best suited to the solid shoes. The combination with loose pants, on the other hand, quickly becomes shapeless and wears on. Make sure that the hem of the pants does not overlap the boots. Cropped jeans are better or you roll up the hem of your jeans slightly, so that between the shoe and pants something skin flashes out. This relaxes the entire look immediately.

As for the washing of your jeans, you can freely decide what you like best. Just make sure that the contrast between shoe and pants is not too hard. For example, Black Denim fits best with dark denim or black pants. Light wash jeans blend perfectly with white or cream boots. 

Tip: To gray jeans burgundy biker boots look really great!

Also, the more noticeable the jeans, the more subtle the shoes should be. And vice versa. Colored shoes with large studs, buckles or cut-outs, for example, miss something special with a monochrome clean look. Biker boots with floral patterns and animal prints or pieces in pastel and metallic tones are particularly popular.

And which top fits? 

As with dresses and skirts, the following applies: Opposed to the tops! A great choice for boots and jeans are girlish tops with tulle, ruffles or flounces, playful floral patterns or pieces of fine silk. They immediately make the look more feminine. For those who prefer something more elegant, choose a classic blazer. 

On cold days you can grab well-flowing long-blouses or cuddly oversize sweaters made of coarse knit. A simple camel coat or a fake-fur jacket and the look is perfect. The band shirts, leather jacket, hoodie and bomber jacket, on the other hand, should stay in the closet – unless of course you are consciously relying on the rocky grunge look.

Style with patterned pants

A particularly great combo, the street style girls just love: patterned pants to rough biker boots. These can be for example trousers with check pattern, but also animal print models. 

Of course the pants should be cut as tight as possible. Since she is already conspicuous enough by the pattern, shoes and top should rather be simple and clean. Perfect are simple black biker boots and plain shirts, blouses or sweaters – which may also be a bit looser cut.

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Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.