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How to tie a scarf 10 ways

how to tie a scarf 10 ways

Especially at colder temperatures we like to use scarves or wraps, and scarves are certainly in fashion. However, the accessories don’t just keep warm, they’re also really fashionable. This guide shows how to tie a scarf 10 ways. We show you how you can conjure up 10 different looks with just one scarf: from the simple wrapping technique to complicated-looking, but just as simple methods you bring variety into the cold season and style to your wardrobe.

How to tie a scarf 10 ways

The winding loop

Winding loop how to tie a scarf 10 ways

The loop is one of the classics among scarf techniques. Tie a knot into your scarf bringing both ends together to make a circle. Wrap it twice around your neck. Now you can hide the knot under the upper piece and loosely arrange the scarf. This variant not only goes lightning fast, but looks good for every outfit.

The classic loop

Classic loop

To tie the loop, place the ends of the scarf together and pull them through the resulting loop around your neck. Classic, stylish and perfect for a cuddly coat.

The butterfly

Butterfly scarf

The butterfly emerges from the loop. Hide the falling ends simply at the back of the loop. This scarf technique is reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly and is something very special.

The Noblesse

how to tie a scarf 10 ways

For this chic variant, you tie a knot and place the top half over the bottom. Especially suitable for the office!

The modern alternative

Alternative style

This version of the formwork binding looks the most complicated, but is just as simple as the other variants. Place the scarf once around the neck and hold the strap in the middle long. Turn them in and put the two shellends in. Your trick is ready. Alternatively, you can put the scarf over your shoulder or put the lower ends backwards.

LoLo – the loose loop

how to tie a scarf 10 ways

With the loose loop (LoLo) you tie the scarf once around the neck, but keep one end shorter than the other. Now you tie a knot with the two ends and hide it. The result is a fluid effect.

The Twister

The twister scarf style

In this technique, the two shell ends are combined and the entire scarf is turned in. Now just put through the resulting loop and you have a completely new variant of your scarf or cloth.

The classic tie

how to tie a scarf 10 ways

First, you wrap the scarf around your neck. Then you tie a knot, which you hide loosely under the upper loop. A noble way to tie your scarf or a light cloth.

The fly

Tie a scarf

With this winding technique, you wrap the shellends backwards and knot them. Afterwards, you place the front loops in each other and a modern version of a fly is created. What do you think of this new scarf trend?

The stole

how to tie a scarf 10 way

Probably the simplest technique, which is especially popular with XXL scarves. Here you simply put the scarf or the cloth loosely around your shoulders. By the way, this is also a perfect alternative to the thin cardigan over dresses or blouses.