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Make your own silicone molds with sealant and cornstarch

Make your own silicone molds

This is a fun project that children can join in. And you save money when you make your own silicone molds with sealant and cornstarch for the kids to use with their play dough — or for you to use yourself in jewellery making, resin sculpture and other crafts.

Make your own silicone molds: what you need

  • Cornstarch
  • silicone sealant
  • Baby Oil
  • Acrylic paints
  • Mixing bow
  • Objects to cast
  • plastic or air drying clay, Fimo, play dough, plasticine or similar to put into the molds
  • Squeeze-out enough silicone to cover your object
  • Add the amount of starch in approx. 1:2
  • Add a small amount of acrylic paint
  • Add a few drops of baby oil
  • Mix thoroughly, with a small spoon or stick
  • Cover your hands with corn starch and knead it an even consistency
  • Roll the putty into a ball
  • Press in your element that make sure it includes all details
  • Leave to set and cure for about 20 minutes
  • Remove the object
  • Fill with 2 part plastics, sculpture or air drying clay for a permanent object, or use play dough or plasticine for the kids to reuse again.

This can be a great project for the older kids to help you make the molds — if your children are very young, it is better if you make the molds for them, but they can have fun choosing which objects around the house you will make molds from. It is best to choose objects that are more flat, or have one-sided detail, rather than try to mold something completely ‘in the round’ such as a doll. Or the family dog!

You will find the molds are very usable for making resin pieces for jewellery and other crafts. We experimented with the items above and also were able to cast them in translucent coloured resin for use as earrings and beads and pendants for a necklace.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion and beauty stylist from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.

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