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How to set up a computer in correct position

set up a computer in correct position

Since the computer is a device that you will probably spend a lot of time with, you should pay a lot of attention to set up a computer in correct position. If you sit uncomfortably, tire quickly and get annoyed by the arrangement of the individual equipment, this makes the whole computer experience as fun as rainy vacation.

Let’s say you own a computer in an upright metal case, a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, and possibly a printer. There are also cables that connect the individual parts and are somehow always in the way.

In addition a technical note:
Computers need a lot of air to cool their inner workings. If they are closed in or clad with boards, they get a heat problem and their lifespan drops dramatically. Many technical problems are due to poor cooling.

How to set up a computer in correct position

Setting up the ‘reach’ for your body

  • The distance from the seat to the screen should not be too small. the recommendation for the distance eye-screen is 60 – 90 cm. (For your big TV in the living room you also keep a distance of about 2m)
  • One should be able to put on the whole forearm on the desk, if one works with the mouse, in order to avoid cramps of the wrist.
  • The mouse should be next to the keyboard near the body
  • The space for the printer is unfavorable if you have to crawl around on the floor to add paper or perform maintenance. The finished prints fall to your feet and you have to pick them up from the ground. Set up a printer to be accessible.

Set up a computer in correct position: the monitor screen

The monitor is placed as far back as you like, put the keyboard on the table at a distance of 20 cm directly in front of you, the mouse likes a non-slip, flat pad next to the keyboard, put the printer next to the monitor for ease of reach if you do a lot of printing.

  • Sit on your seat, relax, close your eyes for a while, relax and open your eyes.
  • The place where you look now is where the screen belongs.
  • If you get it positioned properly, your neck muscles will thank you.
  • Under no circumstances should the top of the screen be above eye level!

Set up a computer in correct position: the computer ‘box’

  • Oh yes, the computer itself: if it is a ‘tower’ it stays under the table. So far away from your knees that you do not push against it, and slightly raised, even if it’s only a few inches.
  • The cooling fans not only attract air, but also dust, human and animal hair, woolly mice, airborne seeds and more. Clogged fans are the quick death of every computer …If it is a smaller compact computer, it can sit beside or behind the monitor.
  • Optimally, the computer stands with a side surface on the wall, so it can not tip over, with enough space to the rear, to get to the back of the cables when needed.

The things you need to leave room for…

Now, in addition to your computer workstation, you still need room for your phone, writing paper, fax, coffee pot and cups, you can still charge your phone, dock video and digital camera …