How to dress for a job application photo

Job application photo

The application phase starts! First of all, you need a good photo, serious and interesting — and you need to know how to dress for a job application photo. And you need to know what to wear for it. In fact, there is no rule of thumb, because the optimal photo is as diverse as the professional landscape itself.

How to dress for a job application photo

Basically, you should wear clothes that match the desired location. So if you want to start working in a bank, you decide on a suit or an elegant costume. Take a look in the mirror: Would you entrust your money affairs to yourself if you met in the bank? You look fitting when the answer is yes.

Conversely, it makes little sense if you wear a tie as a fitness trainer. Here you can be a little more casual. If you are unsure, you can look around your hopefully soon employer’s website: If you see photos showing employees here, you can roughly orientate yourself on their style. In case of doubt, you dress a little bit more chic for the photo.

Black and white or colorful?

How to dress for a job application photo can also depend on whether you want to have an application photo made in black and white or colorful, you can align your clothes differently. If you see colors, your clothes should have more muted tones. Make sure they match your complexion and flatter you.

In the case of black-and-white images, on the other hand, contrasts and cuts are the most important. If you are unsure, you can have a picture made at a time and choose the one you find more engaging or sympathetic.

Look orderly

Basically, when you dress for a job application photo, you should only wear clothes that are clean and healthy for the application photo. If you don’t find one or the other spot bad or holes picturesque in everyday life, you put your personal preferences aside for the photo appointment. Also, definitely unpack the iron again, even if you don’t iron otherwise.

Crease wrinkles are unfortunately very well visible on the well-lit photo and leave an impression of chaos and only superficial care. Before the appointment with the photographer, let family members or friends review you again and take their criticism to heart.

Everything else has to fit

Make sure you don’t have to rush along the way – fresh sweat spots under your armpits seem anything but sovereign. Also, take care of your hairstyle and greet the viewer with a friendly smile. This makes it more likely for the company to invite you to a job interview. Good luck!