How to do a job interview by phone or Skype

Interview by phone or skype

It’s becoming more common to have to prepare for a job interview by phone or Skype. Some recruiters do not immediately invite every interesting applicant to get to know the company, but ask for a phone call or a Skype conversation. This has the advantage that you don’t necessarily have to take time off to go there.

However, there are pitfalls in both cases. Basically, you prepare for a job interview by phone or Skype as the same for any other job interview: You:

  • carefully read the company website
  • search for other mentions of the company on the Internet
  • inform yourself about employer evaluation portals
  • have your CV in mind
  • prepare for questions about your strengths and weaknesses
  • think about some clever questions about the company

If you’re very anxious about interviewing, a phone call might be easier for you. After all, your counterpart doesn’t see if you’re shaking or fidgeting or showing other nervous moves. Nevertheless, you should be careful that your voice sounds clear and you can understand yourself well.

If possible, you should make the call over a landline phone. If that’s not possible, at least make sure your phone’s battery is fully charged and that you’re making a phone call from a place where you know you have a stable network.

Preparing for a phone appointment

If you know you need to make a phone call at some point, make sure you have peace of mind. Don’t worry about the time after: you never know how long such a conversation will last, and you can’t just choke off your potential employer! If you have an answering machine, check the text.

This is what you should pay attention to on the phone

Because the recruiter can’t see you on the phone, it’s all the more important what you say. It is best to adjust your application documents and your clever comments and questions in such a way that you can view them without paper rustling. Practice the conversation with friends or family members beforehand so that you do not stutter or lose the thread. And here are some tips that may seem strange to you at first:

  • dress carefully
  • look for a chair on which you can sit upright
  • do not play with the free hand with pens or similar.
  • Smile

These things have an impact on how you act on the phone. If you’re lying on the couch in a bathrobe, you’re not making a professional, attentive impression on the phone. And the smile can be heard in your voice.

Furthermore, you should let the staffer open the conversation and not fall into his word. The fact that you do not eat or smoke during the conversation should be self-evident. But prepare yourself a glass of still water if you get a dry mouth.

The conversation via Skype

Especially if you don’t use Skype very often, you should first contact a friend or family member. So you can make sure that you can hear everything in important conversation with your potential employer and that you are also easy to understand. Above all, look at what you see in the background: Posters of your star swarm in the background, for example, don’t look particularly professional.

Dress up as if you were going for a job interview at the company

Take enough time to dress up for the job interview by phone or Skype: Wear the clothes you would also put on during a interview  onsite. Things should be clean and wrinkle-free. Make sure your hairstyle is neat. As a man you shave, as a woman you make up discreetly and do not exaggerate it with the jewelry. In short, you make sure that you also make a good impression on the camera.

Invisible little aids for a job interview by phone or Skype

You can stick to the monitor some important key points about your CV or your queries. So you can quickly take a look at it when you have a blank in your thoughts. The recruiter doesn’t see you using this little help. It would be different if you had the corresponding notes in front of you and had to lower your view of them again and again.

Skype conversation tips

You should also consider a few simple things when interviewing on Skype:

  • sit upright
  • smile and look at your counterpart
  • do not look around in the room
  • Do not gesticulate wildly with your hands
  • Don’t put your hands in your face or play with your hair
  • set your smartphone on silent
  • tell any roommates or family members that you don’t want to be disturbed

Do not include these topics

Although you should think up some good questions in a job interview by phone or Skype, so that the recruiter realizes that you are engaged with the company and have an honest interest. However, these questions should not concern themselves with your salary, your possible working hours or your holiday entitlement.

You are far from that. Of course, this does not apply when the recruiter himself comes to these topics: in an emergency, you should be able to give a salary idea. Be attentive, friendly and interested, then there will surely soon be a conversation in real life!