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How to choose ice cream for diabetics

Homemade ice cram

Eating ice cream is for everyone, including diabetics. However, if you suffer from diabetes there is a lot to consider when eating ice cream. Here you will find the most important information to choose ice cream for diabetics.

Ice cream for diabetics

Eating ice cream for diabetics is associated with some preparation. Due to the disease you can not eat just any ice cream.
Every diabetic should be aware that ice cream contains a lot of sugar. This causes the blood sugar level to rise quickly.
In diabetics with the type 1 and required insulin, especially the amount of carbohydrates plays a major role. The less carbohydrates, the better.
People with type 2 diabetes who need insulin need to be aware of the calorie count of the ice cream.
Especially water and fruit ice are very difficult to estimate. Because the sugar in these ice creams finds a faster way into the blood. Milk ice cream is therefore more likely.
Therefore, Type 1 diabetics may consume larger amounts of water or fruit ice cream. The fat of the cream ensures that the sugar reaches the blood less quickly.
Frozen yogurt makes the appearance of a lower-calorie alternative, but many frozen yoghurts contain almost 20 percent sugar.
It’s best to make your own ice cream. For this, puree skim milk yoghurt with fresh fruits and then freeze the mixture.

Tips for low fat and sugar

In order to save fat and calories to choose ice cream for diabetics, but still get an aromatic ice cream, we use in our recipes dairy products such as yogurt or cottage cheese with an acceptable fat content. These are combined with fully ripe, aromatic fruits that provide extra vitamin boost when licking ice. So even diabetics can enjoy without remorse.

Sweeteners are honey or maple syrup. They have a higher sweetening power than sugar and make the ice creamier. Spices such as cinnamon or vanilla provide an additional flavor boost. If you want more sweetness, you can help with liquid sweetener.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion and beauty stylist from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.

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