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Packing list for a city holiday

Pack for holiday

Packing lists are helpful for every holiday. For a city trip, there are a few things to keep in mind when packing. What are these and how to make your vacation as relaxing as possible, you will find in our tips and packing list for a city holiday.

Packing list for a city holiday: general rules

  • For a city trip, you must pay attention to the location. This determines the climate and accordingly the clothes that you have to pack.
  • At what time you go on vacation, also plays a major role: Scandinavia, for example, in summer a very different climate than in winter.
  • Adjust your clothes to the weather conditions. For this you should definitely have an overview of the weather. We advise you to get a weather service, of course, to an always accessible for you app.
  • You should always pack sunscreen. Just because you can not see the sun, the UV radiation has not disappeared automatically. Protect your skin therefore always.
  • As a general rule, take too much clothing once too little. So if you drive away over the weekend, pack better for 3 nights instead of 2 nights. So you are prepared for all eventualities and can enjoy your holiday.
  • For a cold climate, we advise you to thick socks, tights / ski underpants and the typical onion look. Many layers are important to keep you warm.
  • In warm regions you should take care to take along airy clothes. Harem pants, sandals and loose tops are just a few of many options for a packing list for a city holiday .
  • Of course, you can always decide for yourself which garments you would like to take with you.

Packing list for a city holiday: sightseeing

Depending on where you go and which sights you want to see, you need to pack the appropriate equipment. For example, if you want to run a lot and over rough roads, we recommend matching footwear. Because hiking in flip flops or everyday shoes is not pleasant and may also be harmful to your feet. We advise you to choose an exact route on the internet. So you can also learn about insider tips from locals and discover so hidden treasures.

Document the destination

The checklist for a city trip definitely includes appropriate equipment to somehow document your holiday.
If you need to pay attention to the space and weight of your luggage, taking your camera with a good camera is enough to take pictures. After the holiday, you can then order the photos online and have them printed.
Otherwise, you can of course also bring a digital camera.
What you should always have are pens and a small notebook. So you can make comments for the holiday that you may want to put in a travel album.
This could include, for example, smells in a restaurant or even peculiarities or great events of the holiday. What you want to keep from your holiday is up to you alone.
Checklist for city trips: means of transportation
It makes sense to find out in advance how you want to move around the city, what the prices are and what ticket options there are. Some things you have to book in advance. Do not forget to bring appropriate documents such as ID cards or authorization cards.
In many cities public transport is offered. These include, for example, buses or trains. The tickets are usually relatively cheap and if you book in advance, you may also get a discount or a combo package.
Of course you could also rent a car. For this you need your identity card and driver’s license. You should also take care of this matter before the holiday so that everything works stress-free and you do not experience any unpleasant surprises.
If you’ve got a hotel in a good location, you can just walk. In this case, only bring comfortable shoes that will not blister you. It is important that you look at the route beforehand. We also recommend an offline map on the phone.

What you need in every city

  • There are things you should take to any city. Below is a small checklist of things you always need and you should not forget.
  • You should always pack the first aid kit with necessary medication. Also plaster, bandages and handkerchiefs should not be neglected.
  • A watch is always helpful. Of course, a cell phone can serve as a clock, but maybe you want to switch off a bit. In this case we recommend a simple wristwatch.
  • Charging cable for all electronic devices including any travel adapters for the sockets. Nothing is worse than having to do without something just because you have forgotten the appropriate charging cable.
  • A nail box with scissors, tweezers and nail file can be helpful in many cases.
  • You may want to pack a silk sleeping bag. We recommend these especially in budget hostels. And besides, it’s always nice to sleep in something of your own.
  • On the go, a refillable water bottle is extremely helpful.
  • You may need the showering needs: a small towel, shower gel and shampoo. Best filled in silicone containers as they are reusable.
  • In addition, small “travel sizes” of products are always overpriced. So just fill up on the big product from the home bathroom.

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