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How to know when to pierce a child’s ears

Child pierced ears

Many parents wonder how dangerous are ear holes for your child and at what age ear piercings should be done the best. What you should know about this topic, we have summarized for you in this guide to when to pierce a child’s ears.

When to pierce a child’s ears: the issues

Some girls already want ear holes at the age of two, others later. Therefore, some parents wonder if it would not be better to pierce their child’s ear holes during babyhood.
Basically nothing speaks against ear holes in infancy, if the hygienic conditions are right. However, there are reasons such as possible allergies and infections that speak to pierce ear holes later. Also, freshly pierced ear holes can ignite and cause severe pain.
If other children in the kindergarten already have earholes, then your child may suddenly want earholes. For example, in the early days when the child is very small, you can grab ear clips. Sooner or later, however, the time will come when the child wishes for real earrings.
For medical reasons, the later the better. Is the toddler or baby healthy, so nothing speaks against the piercing of ear holes. If not absolutely necessary, it should be relocated as late as possible.

When to do it

Basically, before the piercing of ear holes all important vaccinations should be done so as not to overwhelm the immune system.
If you let the child pierce ear holes even in toddler or baby age, then it may be that an allergy to nickel occurs. Also, be aware that your baby or toddler may accidentally tear or swallow an earring.
On the other hand, the sensation of pain plays no role, since both children and adults feel the same pain.

Pierced ears for children – what you should look out for

  • In order to get pierced ears in children, you have to pay attention to a few things.
  • Some jewelers do not pierce pierced ears until they are six years old.
  • Get advice from the pediatrician or jeweler regarding risks and hygiene.
  • Good hygienic conditions on site are very important. All instruments must be sterile.
  • In the case of babies, earholes should not be stung until all necessary vaccinations have been carried out on your child.
  • For schoolchildren, it is best to pierce earholes during the holidays, so that the ear holes can also be cared for well.
  • Special care is needed in sports or swimming lessons. Because here, for example, an earring can be accidentally torn out or dirt come to the fresh wound.
  • You should be careful if your child is allergic. Earrings containing nickel can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore choose earrings made of a high quality material, for example gold or silver.
  • A baby can not understand what it is with the ear piercing on itself. A toddler very well. Therefore, have a conversation with your child before ear piercing to prepare the child for the pain.
  • If you let your child pierce ear holes, then there are some things to keep in mind.
  • It may happen that after ear piercing the ear hole gets infected and starts to smell. What this may be, you will learn in our next practical tip.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.