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How to make rabbit tag Easter decorations

easter bunny tags

These colorful bunny tags are super fast made and it does not take much to be creative. A great project idea that is easy to do with our guide to how to make rabbit tag Easter decorations.

A nice alternative to the classic blown, painted eggs are these colorful bunnies made of cardboard and tree disks. Decorated with them, your Easter shrub shows its best side. And you do not even need much crafting material for the little long-eared ears. How to make this Easter decoration, learn here with our easy guide and photos! Also see other great projects to do with your children.

Rabbit tag Easter decorations: Materials

    Wooden discs, about 1 cm thick, diameter 3 to 5 cm
    Construction paper in different colors
    Scissors, pencil
    Rabbit template for printing
    Cord for hanging
    fluffy pompons

Set up your workstation so that you have your utensils handy at all times. Then trace out a template from any bunny illustration as a first step. Then draw the long ears on colorful construction paper.

rabbit tag Easter decorations

If you have wood slices of different sizes, you can also vary the size of the bunnies. Now, look at the size of the four stencils that best suits your tree-branch. In the next step you put on a piece of construction paper your desired template and on the round end – so the belly of the hare – the matching tree disc, so that it closes directly with the Hasenkopf. Now draw the complete outline and cut out the rabbit. You can often repeat this flexibly on all colors of the clay paper.

rabbit tag Easter decorations

Now the glue is used! Small tip: If the individual tree slices are not already pretreated – i. that they come from a craft shop – you can roughen the adhesive surface with a sandpaper before. Then attach the cardboard to the tree disc to form the rabbit’s belly.

Of course, no stubby tail may be missing here. Serve with a small pompom, which you stick to the back of the Tree Hares.

rabbit tag Easter decorations

Done! With this sweet Easter decoration you can make your home fit for Easter time!

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.